Monday, July 14, 2014

Real World Update 7/14/2014

Hello Everyone!

Just in case you didn't get the memo.. I surely am back.

I was medically released on June 30th and I am working on physical therapy right now to get my shoulder back to full health!
I also have been struggling to adjust. I am trying my best to take it a day at a time, but it can be really hard.
It is for that reason that I have been avoiding almost all communication with friends. It is not personal.. but I am still adapting to the big scary world. I was not ready for this so unexpectedly and soon, so I am tackling it slowly.

I want you all to know how much your love and support mean to me and that I truly am grateful for the prayers that you have sent out in my behalf. I have felt them.. keep them coming! haha

I will continue to take it slow, so be patient with me! :)
Regardless of what is happening and what will happen, I know that Heavenly Father is in control and that is where I am at.
I had an incredible mission! I loved being in Florida, I gained a family there. I gained more faith and trust there too.
I love the Lord and I know that His plan is better than what I could come up with!

[see you in a week..]

Sister Whitney Ormsby