Friday, May 16, 2014

A few awesome bites! 5/12/2014

Yes, It's true. This week I had my 9 month mark! 
I am officially half-way, but we don't need to talk about it
 because I might freak out..


It is sooo good to hear that your Mothers Day was lovely! I am glad Nate and Jenn took care of you! :)HOLY COW! Carter is the cutest thing of MA LYF! I can't handle how huge he is! But it made me INCREDIBLY happy that he wanted to keep chatting with me!! :) :)The skype time seriously disappeared though! I feel like we didn't even talk about anything! hahaha
This week has been quite wondrous and has flown by!!!!!!!!Here are some of the few awesome bites!Georgine! We stopped by to see her this week and we came at the perfect time! She kept asking us how we knew when she needed us/the Spirit! We keep answering her prayers and it seems like every time her faith is fading, we show up! How cool is that?! 
I LOVE being the answer to someones prayer! I was able to testify of the Holy Ghost and so many other things. It was really great, she wants to be baptized and she knows that we are representing Jesus Christ! 
Other miracle!We had a super-spiritually high and powerful lesson with Brother R this week! [He is Tara's father.. I think I might have told you about her?  She is a super awesome RM that comes out with us and I love her dearly!]  ANYWAYS, he hasn't been active for a long time, and we had planned out this awesome lesson, but then the Spirit had an even MORE AWESOME lesson planned!  We talked a lot about how the gospel has blessed our families, and how we can strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ to gain even greater blessings. Whats even better... He came to Nina's Baptism! And to Church!! It was kind of a miracle and really amazing!!!!!!!!!
Victor! He is 17 and hasn't seemed really interested EXCEPT we taught him The Restoration! And when he read about the first vision he got a strong confirmation through the spirit which was sooo cool to see! He started getting more excited and listened more intently to our lesson. We took him a Book of Mormon the next day and it was so easy to feel his excitement! He wants to be baptized and he has gotten sooooo happy from the first time we met him!
I LOVE the way the spirit can change and touch lives! It is such a blessing in my life! I love this work!I love you all so much!See you in a week,Sister Ormsby

This was Saturday at Nina's baptism

Nina's family at the baptism

This was from last our zone p-day, i just forgot my camera last time. 
But! we got sweeeet Apollo Beach t-shirts! 


Sometimes I get scary..... 

with Elder and Sister Keyes at our combined district meeting this week

Ralph the Raccoon right next to our apartment door, the adventures never cease!

we are fancy cooks! this was bbq chicken with plantains!

5K Saturday morning with the Zone.

We volunteered because we had to back in Apollo Beach before the Baptism.

with Victoria

with Lynn

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