Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas... Guess who's a Sister Missionary Leader!!

Thanks for your great email! And for my wonderful package!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! :) It is sooooo tempting to open the presents... but don't worry, I haven't! yet.. :P

Crazy news from the MTC!! Layne (Sister Garretson, her friend from BYU-I) is so sweet! I am so glad you got to meet her :) And I can't believe Corey is there! (Elder Bogaert, although I've sent him a note he has not made it in to see me yet).  You have such a cool job!!!!!!! :D

It is funny that you talk about the cold weather. We are having a cold front today and the high is 66!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY! This morning when we left the apartment, it was 57! I was sooo cold! I need a beanie or something! hahaha, but it should be back into the 80's by the end of the week!

Your Christmas set up sounds sweetly simple! A lot like ours- I'd imagine! :)
We have a cute little tree we got from members set up on a table. They also gave us a 12 days of Christmas!! They are seriously wonderful! They put so much work into it!! And it takes away some of the pain of not being able to open my other presents yet, hahaha. (I attached a pic of our Christmas table :))

Here is my other news: On Monday last week Sister Lee and I found out from our Zone Leaders that we are now the Sister Training Leaders! AHHHHHH!!! It is super crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basically, we are the zone leaders for the sisters in our zone. 6 other companionships.. We are also the youngest companionship out of them all..... so inadequacy doesn't even begin to cover the list of emotions I have over this!! I am excited, but it is definitely a lot of responsibility!!!! We will still report to the Zone Leaders, but we will be doing exchanges with each companionship-that's one a week to get them done this transfer! SOOOOO, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh ..................................
Keep Praying For Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I know that Lord has called us, so I am learning to trust that I am supposed to do this and that I can help someone. But otherwise I AM FREAKING OUT!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha

So that is the big stuff! But other than that this Friday we are having out Mission Christmas Party! IT IS AT THE BEACH!!!!!! So that is freaking exciting! Check it out; its called Siesta Key, it is an island and supposedly one of the top beaches in the world! I am soooooooo pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take a ridiculous amount of pictures! :)

Also, news that I wont call you on the 24th to figure out our skype times, we will need to organize it on email between now and then. We will be at Christian's most likely (how cool, you will meet him!! :)) so sometime after 1pm onwards.. anyways we'll work it out! :)

See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby
ps- giddy to skype you!  Thanks for all the great pictures too!!! it is fun to see the whole family!! :)

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