Monday, December 23, 2013

Mission Christmas Party 12/20/2013

Sister Ormsby spent Friday December 20th at the Siesta Keys beach with her Mission for their Christmas Party..... here are some of her pictures:

Her name tag in the sand... :)
                     These girls just love each other soooo much

                               Gotta love the T Shirt!  Ormsbys rock!

                      She can almost straighten her arm completely now!
                      The classic toes in the sand picture
                                         2 words.... The Ocean!!!
        Ok, a few more words; she wanted to get in the water soooooo bad!
                                             Siesta Keys :)

We will be skyping with our darling Sister Ormsby in 2 days.... for our Christmas call!!  
Soooooooooo excited!!! :)

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