Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last email for 2013.... second baptism!

I have absolutely no idea where this year went!!! I for sure had no idea this is where i would be at the close of the year and the beginning of 2014! It truly is wonderful to see how much more the Lord sees than we do! I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to serve Him for this short time and feel the Spirit- daily I see His love change others lives.. this is seriously the best paying job! :)

This week particularly was filled with many blessings! Christmas was soo amazing! It was a fantastic day to focus on the Savior and feel His love in many peoples homes! My highlight was getting to Skype you and dad and Jai and Elly of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really upset that I couldn't talk to my brother and other sister, but it felt so nice to chat with you guys again... even though the time disappeared and there were so many other things I wanted to tell you that I forgot! The biggest of those things being..... WE HAD A BAPTISM YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday we taught Kiki all 4 lessons with her parents there. Emi is her less active mother, she is soooooooo sweet and she is from Hawaii!  And Russ is her dad, he is a great guy too, but not a member. It was an incredible night, filled with the Spirit!  Russ & Emi helped out so much explaining the principles to Kiki and she really understood them. She didn't have much prior knowledge but she is so smart that she picked it up quickly! The spirit taught way more than we did and it was a great experience for all of us.  After church, Kiki was baptized! and BOOM the spirit overwhelmed us all!!!!
So, fantastic news- Emi & Russ are getting married tomorrow!!!!!!!! We are so excited! (it will be on the beach, I will take pics for sure!) They are a truly awesome family, and we are pumped to start teaching Russ! :D
I added some pics with Emi's dad and step-mother and all of us in it! and then just Sister L and I with Kiki :)
It was such a fantastic Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!
Please add their family to your prayers :)

At this point, I told her I love the skirt she's wearing, her reply:

YAY! I know, it is Sister L's... one of her Christmas presents actually! haha
We love wearing each others clothes! cute scarf too, right?! Sister Kiser gave it to me for Christmas- she stocked us up with way toooooo many lovely presents! :)
Kiki is actually 8, so technically she is a child of record.. we missed counting her as a convert by just 10 days(that is when she turns 9) hahaha, but I don't care. We both feel like she is ours because we taught her, and her family feels the same :)

PS... on Christmas eve we went to the Coates and I got to hold their lizard! :)

No real excitement for the New Year's celebrations other than the wedding tomorrow and we have a meeting in Tampa in the morning (it's a training to help us help the other missionaries with online proselyting) 
Friday is our very first MLC! (missionary leadership conference), they have them every first Friday of the month. AND it is always at the beach!!! so that is exciting!!! :)
oh, and I have my check up on Tuesday too, so that will be a packed day!
The MLC is when president trains the stl's the zl's and the ap's. So that we know what to train on in district meetings.. but from the sounds of it, it is more informal. I'm not really sure what it is like- I'll let you know! :) We get to go to the beach twice this week :)

I have to head off.  I love you heaps!
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

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