Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Transfer!!?? 1/20/2014

I just love her beaming smile!


So a quick explanation first from Mum:  Transfers were last weekend, and Sister Ormsby & her companion have been together this whole time, so they (and everyone in their ward & families) were certain they wouldn't survive another transfer!!  Also this week's photos are from the Florida Tampa Mission FB page... there was a Brandon Zone declutter & restock day!

I KNOW! Can you believe I get to keep my best friend and the best ward for another 6 weeks?!!! I am in shock still :D
How on earth can carter be growing up that quickly?!??!!!! I swear, he just learnt how to roll over! :(  Does tama even need a life vest?!! AHHHH!!!! :( :(
I CANT BELIEVE TAMA IS SIX! What the what?!?! Tell him I hope his birthday was wonderful and I love him!

I am super amazed at how the time is flying out here. I know we all said it, but freak! I only have a year left?!?! I think I just blinked and I'm already six months out! What?! The Lord has really been blessing me out here! For starters, I get to be with Sister L. for another six weeks!! (March 4 is the next transfer) We never thought that would happen!!! We are making a bit of history! :) Being a STL this week has really taken it's toll, we did 3 exchanges in what we thought would be our last week together! So, not a whole lot was able to happen in our area. That can be a little frustrating because our numbers have been dropping, but I just tell myself that it is for the greater good! :P
Anyway, we all know I'm great at stressing myself out, so on Sunday I made a massive list of names I feel like we are forgetting, people we need to follow up with, or contact and that is our focus this week! We have penciled that whole list into our planners for everyday this week and we are going to get back on top of it! It is hard to not lose the work in your area as we focus on the sisters in the zone. But my personal goal this transfer is to be on top of them both! (no pressure, right?! haha) I feel like we needed last transfer to understand what we were doing, and now where we are I can actually make a difference! So that is my plan, keep the prayers coming! :)
I thought it was pretty funny that your Sunday was so busy, but only because that is my everyday x235623952759082456832! :P even P-days are crazy because we have so much to get done!
I don't know how it is happening, but the Ormsbys worlds seem to be spinning just fine! Most of the time I don't think I'm really missing anything or like much is changing, and then I have a moment of realization..... it has been six months. AHH!! hahahahaha, it is surely bitter-sweet! and it is nice to hear that I am missed ;)
I am so excited for you to meet Martina! She is sooooo sweet! I really love her and am excited she will spend time with you guys! (only a little jelly) totally send her back with my stuff! :)
Okay, cant think of much else, gonna have to wrap up.. I cant wait for those letters and pics in the mail!! ;)
I love you all so much!!
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

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