Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year! 1/6/14

Pictures of the beach wedding; it was so pretty!!

                                       Sister Ormsby is super excited for them!!

 We bought some Martinelli's for new years but we barely had any of it, so we cracked it open for sister L's 9 month mark on Friday! she is half-way!!!! it is soooo crazy!!!! :) We are laughing to hard to take a good pic! haha 

Also, we are super healthy, and this is our fridge stocked with veggies and fruit! :) We are trying to be better!!!

Okay- so this week!! We didnt have mlc, they put it off until this Friday, our guess is so we can get Ipads!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha, but we'll see! 

We had a training with the stls and zls on Tuesday about Facebook and online proselyting and it was really great to see all the great things we can be doing! I was feeling a little frustrated about fb and how to do work on it without getting distracted so much that i felt like not doing it at all!! But the training really helped me see how to be focused and successful while proselyting online. 
Also, i went to the doctor that day and got the all clear, im alive!! so, yay! 
Then the wedding!! So new years eve was a great day! :)

We did an exchange on Wednesday until Thursday with the new Tampa sisters, I stayed in Apollo beach and it was so great!!! We got to see a lot of people!! 
And on Thursday we got a call from some elders in Tampa 2 because a family that they started teaching just moved into our area! They sounded really excited, and so were we! Sooooo, long story short- this family are awesome!! They seem golden!!! We helped them move in yesterday (with the help of some priesthood from the ward and the Spanish elders). Monika (the mother) is Serbian and Croatian, but she was raised in Frankfurt, Germany. and Arthur is from the south, was raised southern baptist but is an IT contractor for the military- they met and have lived in Germany and they have two cute kids! A 12 yr old girl and a 5 yr old boy! They are so friendly and kept telling us how much they want to find a church and meet new people! We are so excited to start teaching them!! They definitely wanted us to come back to their house to teach them, but they are moving right now so everything is a little crazy. We are gonna try and see them this week though! :) PRAY FOR THEM :D

It got freezing this week!! Down to 46 one night!!! We couldn't handle it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really didn't pack for winter! This is supposed to be Florida! hahaha, a cold front is coming today, it is supposed to be down to 30 tonight! I know I probably won't get much sympathy from you Utahns! lol

see you in a week, 
Sister Ormsby xxx

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