Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sending Love & the MLC 1/13/2014

Photo from the MLC

Are you there?! I'm writing out a letter.. but i dont have any pics this week! (But I do!)
So cool that Corey (Elder Bogaert) is off! :) 
So funny that you commented in that,(I sent her the pic above... there is a FB page for the Florida Tampa missionaries that is run by the mission home.  They post photoes of different activities; this one being the Mission Leadership Counsel.  Anyway I commented on her beautiful smile and another person commented how they have the best companionship in the mission! So I told her, and asked how she knew her.) because Sister R. is our old STL. She finished her mission right before Christmas and she lives in Utah! We LOVE her! She is sooooo sweet! :)
Your New Beginnings night sounded like a hit! The cupcakes looked so delish and I wished I could've had one!
Snow sounds terrible and honestly if you can give me a little money to get a jacket that would be amazing. But i don't need much, probably a beanie or something for my head. (oh man, funny story- our heater went out the night of the cold front- we wore two pairs of sweatpants and 3 shirts and 2 pairs of socks to bed. We both only have one blanket each.. only problem was my head was frozen! haha)

We had a CRAZY WEEK! And by crazy I mean it absolutely disappeared! I don't even know how, but I am in my sixth month on my mission- I REALLY CANT BELIEVE IT! Where is the time goingggg????????? AHH!! I don't want it to enddd!!!! :/
Okay- minor freak out over.
This week really zoomed by though! We did exchanges on Thursday and MLC on Friday and exchanges on Saturday and Sunday. Today we will try and relax and then tonight more exchanges. Wednesday we are doing a training and another exchange until Thursday. Saturday we have transfer calls!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah- REALLY busy!! But, in a good way!

Thanks so much for your letter this week! I have missed getting letters from you guys/anyone. haha- but I loved it and it was just what I needed! So thank you!
Wednesday we had District Meeting and afterwards we were able to have a really good talk with the ZL's. They are so awesome! They always help us feel more qualified and more like the STL's. Elders cant counsel us, but they were so great at explaining things and helping our confidence and execution of being STL's go up! I really just had to stop and realize how selfish I was being. There are sisters that are struggling and need my help and I was having a pity party for myself and wanting someone to come hug me and tell me I could do it- when really what I NEEDED was to stop dwelling on my insecurities and selfish desires and turn outward- and to think about the sisters and what I can do for them.
Rambling much? Sorry- ill sum up.
Jesus Christ turns outward. When He was betrayed and when He was struggling, or really whenever- He always, always, always looked to others. He saw how He could help them, serve them and love them. The natural man in all of us does just the opposite. We are prideful and selfish and we all innately 'want' without giving. The purpose of our life on earth is to become like our Heavenly Parents. The Lord always looks outward and we should all be striving to also.
So, these last few weeks I have been 'wanting' without giving. That was stupid. And I have repented. And I will try to be better from now on an turning outward. At serving and loving these sisters because it doesn't matter what degree of inadequacy I feel- the Lord wants me to do this. Therefore I can. :)

I am grateful for your love and support and for the example my Savior constantly is and for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow in this life. I really love you all and miss you dearly!

See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

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