Monday, January 27, 2014

A week full of enlightenment and miracles 1/27/2014

Just a few pictures of this week! I made rolls for the first time this week! 
They were surprisingly good!! And Sister L. and I had some blood oranges! :)

This week was full of wonderful, enlightening and spiritual meetings! On Friday we had zone conference, Saturday morning we had a mission wide training (two of the area seventies came) and then stake conference on both Saturday night and Sunday! (where those seventies spoke as well as Sister McConkie, general YW, and Elder Russell M. Nelson!!!) SO YEAH. I have been feasting this weekend!! :)
Here are some things i loved to learn on these meetings:
Zone Conference: President Cusick is such an awesome missionary! He taught us how to street contact with our lesson pamphlets and leaving prayers in peoples homes.  Then we did a bunch of role-plays so it was great! Lately he has really been focusing us on finding, which is where we are lacking, so its great!!!! :) He has encouraged us to get out of our cars and really go talk to people! He wants us to be walking or biking to appointments so we can talk to more people than if were just driving by, it is sooo good!
Mission Training:  First off a side note, Sister L's MTC comp is now companions with my MTC comp!!! :D So that's cool! and we got to see them both on Saturday. 
Okay, Elder Kopischke is a member of the seventy that came to speak at our stake conference, and President persuaded him to come early and meet with the whole mission! He is sooooo funny! And he taught with such a wonderful spirit! He began by asking us a scriptural question; "What desirest thou?" or "What would you have me do?" He gave us all a few moments to write down the list of things that we desire of hope for for our missions and let us continue to add to the list throughout the meeting. My list is a page long, so i wont send it all to you.. but the gist was this: 'to love and serve with all of my heart, might, mind and strength.' Make a list of the things that you desire for your life! It was eye opening to recognize the promise that if we ask the Lord, He is bound to give! We need to first understand what it is that we want, and then to simply ask for it!!
He taught us 4 things to make our mission dreams come true!
1- Be as obedient as possible.
2- Be as pure as possible.
3- Plan as good as possible.
4- Work as hard as possible.
in that order!
We discussed obedience a lot! But not just to mission rules, but to more celestial laws, like obeying the promptings we receive and not letting Satan slowly pull you further from the truth. it was basically amazing, I'm probably not explaining it right. 
He opened the floor to questions for the second half and we could ask what we wanted and either he, or President, or Elder Thompson (our Tampa area seventy) answered it!  Somebody asked a question about boldness and I learnt a lot from the answers given. There are so many ways to be bold! To be bold- be persistent. To be bold- do not deviate from your message. To be bold- be clear, don't confuse loudness with boldness, be plain and simple. To be bold- don't get arrogant or overbearing. To be bold- PRACTICE! To be bold- exercise your faith.
We gain our confidence through Jesus Christ. He is the author and finisher of my faith, He is the reason I can be confident in my message.
AND SOOOOO many other awesome things!

So- another side note, after this training we had a dinner appointment but nothing else set until after, so we decided to walk to our appointment! We were walking for about 30 minutes.. not in the proper walking shoes, and an extra heavy bag, and no one was on the sidewalks to talk to. No one.  We were getting pretty discouraged. We decided that the Lord was probably testing our faith to see if we would try walking again if it didn't work out the first couple times.... so we resolved to just practice how we would approach someone.  We had a pamphlet out and we were running through what we would say, when a car pulled up on the side of the road and a lady rolled down her window and yelled out at us asking if we were Jehovah Witnesses.  I told her we were Mormons and asked her if she had heard of us, she hadn't! Which is weird! hahaha, anyways- she ended up telling us that her 4 year old son just asked her the night before who Jesus was, and she asked us if we had anything that would help her teach him. We ended up giving her a pamphlet, a Book of Mormon and we have an appointment this week to teach them!!! It was such a miracle! She even told us that she drove by and felt like she should ask us, so she did a u-turn to come ask us!! MIRACLE! So, basically I love walking now and we are gonna do it everyday! It was amazing! :)

Now, my time is gone! But Saturday night was a wonderful session on hastening the work and then Sunday stake conference was a broadcast from Orlando with Elder Kopischke and the others I told you- it was broadcast to 48 stakes in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. It was soooooooo awesome too!
Elder Nelson taught the basic doctrines of Jesus Christs gospel in 9 facets:
1- The Godhead
2- The Plan of Salvation
3- The Atonement
4- Dispensations, Apostasy, Restorations
5- Prophets
6- Priesthood and Priesthood keys
7- Ordinances and Covenants
8- Marriage and family
9- Commandments
He left us all with his prayer that we will love the Lord and yoke ourselves to Him. And that we can be one of His true disciples. Learn by teaching and feasting on His words and live as He lives, love and He loves.

Let me tell you how happy and blessed I am right now to be serving my Lord and to see miracles everyday. He watches over each of us and whatever we desire will be given us, we need only ask!! I love this work and I love you all!!!

See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

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