Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guess who has an IPad? :) 2/17/2014

Hello MUMMAH!! 
What a coincidence that I am writing my email on my IPad too!!! :) haha, we can only use WiFi though, so we are sitting at Village Inn this morning, looking quite unsocial with each other as we email on our iPads! Hahahaha, I suppose I should order my breakfast before they kick us out... Lol
Okay- great! Bacon, eggs and pancakes :)
Anyways this week has been pretty awesome!! First off, yes. We got iPads!! It is no longer a fallacy! This is reality! And it is weird!!!!  There is so much to get used too!! 
We have to input everything in it! And it is kind of annoying! Haha, we aren't allowed
to use paper anymore. Like at all! We can't even use our paper scriptures and PMG.. 
We have to study and teach solely with the iPads!
It is pretty crazy!!! So now I have a massively great bag, that is always basically empty now! 

Then Thursday Sister L. was really sick with a fever, so I took care of her and we didn't really have an opportunity to go out, but I made valentines for our sisters :)

Friday was valentines day! And I put up little surprise sticky notes for Sister L. all over the place while she was sleeping! I also made her strawberry tortillas for breakfast!!!!! It was a flashback! And pretty much delicious! :)

Saturday we got a call that this afternoon we are going to Tampa! Until Wednesday night! 
There is something that President has created out here called the Metro Training Center. Our own little MTC in the FTM. The Metro area is in downtown Tampa, and it is basically just a
street contacting area. President has been sending a few companionships in each week. We get taken out of our area for 3 days.
They put us up in an apartment and we all do studies together and work out in the morning and then they send us out to different places to walk and talk to everyone! Like some people are given a bus route, or a busy park to go to. We walk all day long and try our best to talk to
everyone! I am so freaking excited! It is gonna be sooooo sweet! The idea is basically that President thinks our missionaries aren't bold enough, and he is getting us over our fears by essentially throwing us in the deep end! He relates it to a batting cage, he is gonna stick us
in one where the balls are coming 100mph and it is gonna be hard and it is gonna be scary but then we will get the hang of it. So when we are back in our own areas, and a slow 60mph ball is walking past us in a neighborhood it will be so easy to hit it out of the park! I might have overlapped metaphors, I hope that made sense! Hahaha It is gonna be amazing! Everyone that has gone so far has absolutely loved it! So we are pumped! Everyone also says it is exhausting! But what else is new! ;) exhausting means your doing something right! :)

Okay, that's all for now, I can chat for a bit if you can! It's a
holiday today, right?! Are you working? Do you have fun plans with the

See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

                                                  First IPad selfies!  LOL

                                                 Strawberry tortillas, mmmmmmm......

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