Thursday, February 6, 2014

The longest week so far! 2/3/2014

This has been a LONG week!!! Like the longest of my mission!! 
Monday, I didn't enjoy my regular p-day routine or relaxation because we had to drive up to Tampa for an Emergency MLC!  We were there all night because our mission has a lot of obedience issues! It was heart-breaking to President, because last week was the first time on his mission, he had to send someone home for disobedience! :(  basically we all need to be stepping it up A WHOLE LOT! Because he doesn't ever want to have to do that again! We are starting with all the little simple rules that we have been letting slip, like music- new mission rule: No More Music. (my package of cds will be on its way back to you next week.) Missionaries that have been having issues all stemmed from letting their music slip into inappropriate and then everything else got worse... so he is just cutting it all out! 

But we have definitely felt a lot more responsibility now though. We have been doing crazy amounts of exchanges with our sisters now to help them with their 'little' problems or hold-ups.. we are actually going to be on exchanges all this week out of our area.  We will only be here on Tuesday and on Sunday... :/ Probably one of the hardest things for me in this calling is to leave our area to help other sisters... I want to help them, but I feel bad like I'm forgetting and neglecting our area!! :( But I know that the Lord will bless us and our work when we show him how important it is to help the other sisters! Our zone leaders have organized to rotate exchanges with every elder in the zone, they are staying out of their area until Feb 15! crazy!! BUT holy cow, the Lord has given them sooooooooo many miracles! The list is tooo long! They are working soo hard! So we are gonna do the same and I know the Lord will bless us too. 
We are going to do 72 hours with each sister, and the plan is to have a perfect 3 days. Perfectly obedient to all the little things for those 3 days, and we will see blessings/miracles! :)

Laura wasn't home at our appointment! Such a bummer!! But we have been getting so many potential investigators walking more often. We have walked at least for a little bit every day this week and it has been sooo cool! I am so much more bold now, holy cow! hahahaha. We walked for 3 hours on Friday in the pouring rain and I rolled my ankle (I'm fine, I didn't even notice until we got in that night LOL) and we meet people! 
Anyways, sorry I don't have many specific stories to tell you, but I am really grateful for a fresh start this week! It will be so great to refocus my work and our zones work! I am sooo grateful for the atonement this week and for our mission President, I know that he is called of God and that he is helping our mission be better. I love this work and I love Florida! Thinking that this time next year I won't be a missionary, or it will be all over really freaks me out! hahaha, that doesn't make sense to me! That I have been out that long?! haha whaaaaaa?????

I seriously love you all and I love my Savior!
See you in a week!
Sister Ormsby

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