Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sister Ormsby needs mail!! 10/7/2013

And I will eagerly be checking the mail box daily! It has been 2 weeks now, with no mail. Which absolutely sucks. It is crazy how much mail means to you out here, it is seriously all i want.. 
I cant believe you are gonna be in NZ next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That be crazy!!!! I so wish I could be there :(
This week has been painfully slow. I have been sick most of the week, so going out has been hard. And no mail has made it harder. But I know that you guys are busy, having fun and forgetting about me... jk.. right?! :( 
Seriously the BEST possible week to have General Conference!!!!!!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Heavenly Father answered all my questions through the Spirit and through the messages of those He has called. I loved listening to the counsel and guidance of the apostles and prophets! What an exciting time to live and be given a 'road map' to dealing with societies pressures and life's difficulties. Through His leaders, The Lord is able to guide our lives, personally. And I know, because I have felt it, that He gives us personal revelation through their messages. WATCH ALL OF IT! Study the words, once they are written. But there is power in how they speak and testify. 
I learnt so much this weekend, now comes the opportunity to follow their counsel. I loved all the messages! And I cant believe I forgot to bring my journal to the library to share some of my favorite parts!!! :( Some points that really touched me were, Elder Hollands talk on how Christ heals depression. He is always an amazing speaker, and it touched me not just because two of my sisters that deal everyday with the burden of a heavy loaded mind (though I do wish so strongly that they could feel of the pure and complete comfort that the Savior can bring into their lives) but I also learnt that the Saviors love and comfort and light is for everyone! Something that I continue to learn daily out here! He can truly lift and carry our burdens- regardless of our afflictions, regardless of our mistakes or views. He is there! We need only look up!!!! If you have can spare 20 minutes. Please- everyone, watch his talk! I believe it was on the Saturday afternoon session :)
Random side note: so funny that the sessions over here were from 12-2 and 4-6! Really more of a lunchtime and a evening session :P
Also LOVE Richard G Scott's talk on Sunday morning! AHH! I wish I had my notes! I'll write you a letter with more comments, my brain always fades on p-day...

One of this weeks highlights was we got to take C on a Church Tour on Wednesday!!!! It was really cool! We took him around to the different class rooms and explained the meetings on Sunday, stopping at the paintings on the walls of the building and explaining them.  We showed him the baptismal font- which made him so excited!! :)  And we took him to the chapel last, where we had the sacrament table set up. The spirit was so strong while we did the tour, we all could feel that peace.  It made me soooo happy!!!!

I love this gospel!! It is so exciting to help C see the difference that it makes in your life! I am so grateful that my parents taught me where to find true happiness- through Jesus Christ and following His example.
I love you all!!! Busy week this week- we have an Enrichment night on Tuesday that we are running, and on Wednesday we are doing the activity girls night- a chapel treasure hunt/trivia.

I love you all!!!! Can't wait for that mail....
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

              Sister Ormsby & Sister L with their Investigator "C" geo-caching on P Day
                          Sister Missionaries with the Elders who also went geo-caching
                  Lunch after geo-caching at Sonic! (Missionaries really will eat anything!)
                                Sister Ormsby, Sister L with "C"'s cute little baby girl "T"
                                              Sisters ready for General Conference!

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