Monday, September 30, 2013

Spiritual Feasting Week 9/30/2013 Pictures too! :)

                                                 All dressed up for the R.S Broadcast!
                                                       We played chinese checkers! :)
                                                Street Contacting! Not as fun as it sounds...

Some explanation to the first paragraph; before I post her letter... I asked her if she'd put her bike together yet, since she hadn't had to ride it yet. And suggested if it wasn't put together yet, she needed to get it put together and make sure it was all there...  

Elder D assembled my bike for me a few weeks ago.. It's all there & all put together. Its silver not white but whatever its still pretty. The front fender did break, the back one is on and fine. but Elder D said it was broken before he even tried to attach it.
This week we had 3 days of downpour! Lots of fun to go out in.. thank heavens we had a car!
Wednesday was Zone Conference and Elder Teh from the seventy spent the day with us. He was so amazing! He helped put a lot of things into perspective for me. He just moved to Bountiful from the Philipines with his family a few weeks ago. He taught us a lot about not becoming complacent. Keeping our focus and remembering the moment when we happily gave everything up for this work, and how we need to feel that way again. President Cusick gave a great analogy about us having the right, and clear vision to accomplish much in this work. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ and as we are focused on that purpose, we will accomplish so much more.
Some of the thoughts i really loved from that day;
- In this life we have all slipped away at some point. And we all need to be found, through Christ.
- Remember the time you felt so strongly to devote yourself to the Lord that you WILLINGLY gave up all of it.
- Astonish others by your devotion to this work.
- Find out what you LOVE about the gospel. Pinpoint a principle that you can sincerely bear testimony of.
Basically it was an amazing day!
And plus!! I got to see Sister U (her companion in the MTC) there which was a total shock, and lovely surprise! She is doing wonderful things! :)
This week we were short on miles so we spent a lot of time not driving. I cant ride yet though, so we have totally relyed on the sisters in our ward. Who have been AWESOME. We spent 3 days out with 3 different sisters. And a lot of our time has been spent trying to find. So basically we knock on doors. Heaps of doors. We have been able to visit with a few less actives which is so nice! So many of them just dont know that somebody cares.. we love being those people that do :)
R.S Broadcast was fantastic!!!!! We drove up to the Stake Center (in Brandon) for a dinner the brethren gave us at 7pm, and to watch it at 8pm. I wondered if you would be there! :) It was pretty amazing. What an amazing reminder of the covenants we have made! I particularly love Sister Reeves talk. I love when she said; "Seek the Spirit when you are being critical of yourself- does the Lord want you to be thinking that way of yourself? or do those thoughts come from Satan?" Such a needed reminder for me. It is easy to get discouraged in this work. I often focus on what more I have to learn and what more I need to be doing. But how different would this world be if we could all look at ourselves with the Lords eyes, and even better, if we looked at each other with His eyes. The Prophet had me in tears of course. His spirit is so beautiful! :)
The Spirit really fed my soul this week. I feel so blessed to have this gospel of peace. The Spirit teaches me everyday and I am so grateful that I was blessed with parents that always taught me of a loving Heavenly Father. I know He is always looking out for me. He guides my life, every small step is made by His design. I surely do love the Lord.
C & T are wonderful! They made it to our Book Of Mormon Class on Wednesday and really enjoyed it!! Today we are going geo-caching with him, he loves it so much so it should be fun! This Wednesday we are taking him on a tour of the chapel and then Book of Mormon class again. And we are going to watch Saturday Conference at the S's(she is the primary president and has become friends with T) and C's family! He also just had his last Sunday at work yesterday!!! :D
I'm sorry about your migraine, (I told her about the worst migraine I've had for a long time, that lasted 3 days last week) please rest and get it checked out!
Our winter doesn't really seem that different.. kinda like Oz that way. BUT I LOVE IT!!
Some days its in the 70's which is kind of a bummer. haha
Love to you all!!
See you in a week,

Sister Ormsby

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