Monday, September 16, 2013

First transfers...first baptism! 916/2013

Well I made it through my first transfer, unscathed!!! (technically it will be tomorrow. but i made it through!) I can't remember if i told you or not, but we just had a 4 week transfer. Yes, generally they are all 6 weeks apart. But this one is all messed up for some reason. So they way they work it is on Saturday you get a call either from your zone leaders telling you if you are staying or one of you is going or president will call you and ask you to train or do something special.. i don't really know. But Sister L and I are excited to say nothing has changed! :) We will however be moving apartments on Wednesday. I don't have the new address yet, so I will send it to you next Monday. In the meantime keep the mail coming to my Shell Point Rd address, we will stop by every afternoon to check it for the next week or so.
Hopefully you've gotten my letter by now.. I don't really want to repeat myself.. haha

News on my knee:
We have a mission doctor, Dr.Young. I have been in contact with him and he has referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. He thinks at this point it could be two things. A stretched/torn/stressed ligament and some soft tissue damage. Otherwise it should have healed by now. Whatever it is, the way to make it better is rest. Which as we all understand is exactly what missionaries do 24/7 :P 
I called to make an appointment but something is wrong with my insurance? I was hoping you would be online so we could talk about it.. Am I still covered on our insurance? Because they said I wasn't.. At any rate, I will try and call them this week to make an appointment for as soon as they can fit me in. 
The AP's really want me to try riding a bike.. it is so hard making the Elders ride everywhere. They complain and I mostly feel terrible about it all. I'm trying hard not to be a burden. So hopefully it will work out soon. We called Brother Young, but I'm not allowed to ride until we figure out what it is. 
So I'm Sister Limpy over here. Dragging around a knee brace. :/
But I'm just complaining. Everything IS great.

Like I said in my letter, we set a date with C. It is pretty cool how it's all working out.. The 29th we have a linger longer after church so Bishop has decided we will combine Sunday School, and have the baptism then! With the whole ward!!! And then after R.S we will have the linger longer. We are so excited for it all!!!! :D C didn't make it to church on Sunday, so that was a bummer. We are gonna talk to him this week about the importance of the Sabbath Day. T came and he would have been there, but he works. Pray for his work to understand how important this is! We know he will be blessed for the courage to act on the principle to attend his Sunday meetings.
Otherwise the work is good! President just gave us a new mission. Starting September 15th we are spending all our time not teaching investigators, on FINDING. We are looking for everyone in our ward. The Bishop has made a list that we go through with him during correlation meetings of everyone he doesn't know in the ward. The list is long. And all we do everyday is find them. See if they moved, don't want to be contacted at all, or miss the spirit in their lives. (This is how we found T & C)
It is crazy how that is the plan Sister L and I had for this area. We hadn't met the ward yet, and weren't even in our area yet.. but we felt prompted to focus on the returning members of the ward. And now it is what we have been asked to focus on!!!! 

In other news, Sister L is an amazing trainer. I don't know if I have said as many wonderful things about her as I should have. I know that the Lord made us companions for a reason! We get along so well, but above that. She teaches me things everyday. Not always by what she says but by the missionary she is. I really do love her. I am so grateful that we can serve together and that out of all the missionaries out here, she is my trainer. :)

Hope you had a fun retreat!! The time is really flying by here. I can't believe you are mentioning fall. It is so funny to me how the time goes by here. The weather doesn't really change much. It's humid and fantastic. We get huge storms which are fun!! But no hurricanes yet :( 

The ward is truly incredible! And the work is moving along! I love you all! 
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

P.S- Sorry, no photos this week.. I'll do better next time!! Buttttt I would LOVE some photos too....


  1. Sister Ormsby fell down some stairs a couple of days before leaving the MTC; it was cleaned and bandaged, and thought it would heal... but it hasn't yet. Time for some medical intervention :(