Wednesday, September 25, 2013

News Time 9/23/2013 & photos too!!

News time!!!

First, I saw the specialist on Friday.. stop going all mama bear please.
I had an amazing blessing the day before.. we were at correlation meeting and bishop looked at me and said have you had a blessing yet? so he offered to give me one. Brother H(our ward mission leader.. he is so awesome!) consecrated the oil and then Elders A, L, P, F & Brother H and bishop laid their hands on my head. The spirit was sweetly strong and I was promised so many wonderful things, one of them being that i would be able to stay out here through this and that I would finish and serve my mission honorable unto the Lord. we were all crying after.
Well, the Lord was right! Please stop stressing! And know that the Lord answers your prayers.  I have a hemoglobin(?) (she means a hematoma :) ) basically a bruised bone. It will be tender and sore for about another month. I have a prescription steroid to take and ibuprofen in the meantime, I need to use a heat pack on it too. (dumb because everyone has been telling me to ice it! haha) no cracks in any of the bones and nothing else to stress about, okay?!

Second, Honestly i am LOVING this heat.. everyone complains but i am soooo happy!! BUTTTTT then again, i have yet to bike in it... sooooo.... yeah, that might change. although! it is getting cooler now.. some days don't even get to 90 anymore! :(

Third, I am sad when you tell me about awesome talks that you have read because we don't have the resources to read them! :( next time could you print it off so i can read it? ;)


Five, the reason we moved apartments was for safety. nothing ever happened to us so don't worry. but we never really felt safe there. President wants us to go outside for exercise every morning and the few times we did, we saw homeless people and other creepers. once we told bishop everything got sorted out very quickly! (we even had priesthood escorts in at night until we could leave... quite embarrassing actually..) so please don't worry. we are safe now!!! we live in a gated apartments on the 3rd floor with heaps of streetlights everywhere! Speaking of, my new address is: 13408 Tall Palm Place, Apt 304 Riverview, FL 33578
Memorize it! Tell it to everyone!! :)

Six, That is awesome about Jaime!! (I told her Jaime had written her a letter)  I'll be waiting for her letter... And, GET EXCITED FOR AUSTRALIA!!!!! FFFFAAAAMMMMIIIIIILLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!! the best thing ever!! Honestly, they love you and cant wait to spend time with you again!! (vegemite, crunchie block, chicos & caramello)

Seven, my time has slipped away! QUICK UPDATE:

We met with C on Wednesday night, and it is amazing how the Lord provides!!!!!! He desperately wants to commit to this, but he wants to do it all the way.. the Lord saw that desire and answered all our prayers. Literally the day before we went to meet with them. T has been offered a new job! A promotion, with better pay and better hours, enabling C to be a full-time stay at home daddy! Which is JUST what he wants! He handed in his 2 weeks notice and T starts her new job Oct 7.. we are planning the baptism for 2 weeks after conference now.
The B's are a part member family.. we have had dinner at their house twice this week and did some service for them too. A is the mother, she is french!! so i really enjoy that! :) She is great and we are working to help her husband P see the difference this gospel will make in his life. He reminds me a lot of Uncle Glenn! :) He'll come around!! ;)
We have had a busy week with moving in and this coming week we have my first ever zone conference!   A member of the seventy is coming so that will be awesome! Also, today after emails we are all gonna go play laser tag! We are pretty excited! :)

I love you all soooooo much! Keep the prayers coming, they help more than you might realise!

See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

Photos for this week! 
                               Sister Ormsby & her Companion Sister L "selfies"

She LOVES the cooking of her investigator "C"

"C" with his famous Tres Leche cake... mmmm!

She also loves these cute girls of the part member family she's teaching

All the Elders got matching colorful shorts on PDay... Apollo Beach is styling!!

Ready for the Sabbath day :)

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