Monday, September 9, 2013

This week's email 9/9/2013

Oh man!!! The mission is soooo great! This week flew by!! I am so surprised that it is already P-Day again!!! But I guess that's how you know, you're staying busy.
AWESOME WEEK! A few big things happened! I had my first exchange!! Angels protected us! And we taught a lesson and got our first Investigator!! :D

So they just started doing this thing called 'Surprise Exchanges'! as in... we get a call ONE HOUR before!!! I guess they usually give you about a weeks notice, but someone decided that everyone was planning that day full of good lessons and otherwise having a crappy week. Because of that they decided to give us pretty much noooo notice! and let me tell you.. i was super nervous!!!!! Our Sister Training Leaders are Spanish speaking! So Sister L stayed in our area with Hermana M and I went up to Brandon with Hermana R for 24 hours. I was freaking out while i was packing Friday morning, Sister L and I were joking about me having to bear my testimony in Spanish when I don't know any Spanish.
But when the time came, it was really amazing. 
The first lesson I headed to was with R. She has a baptisimal date and we had to teach her chastity. This was my first time teaching chastity.. but i didn't really teach it because i don't speak Spanish. R is from Cuba, she was so funny! She was reading the pamphlet and she kept stopping and completely agreeing with everything. She was already living it and it all made perfect sense to her. One of the coolest things was that I didn't feel confused at all... I knew everything that was being said. I don't really know how to explain it, because I still don't know Spanish. and I could feel the spirit- but more than that, I understood the conversation as if it was in English. that probably sounds weird, but whatever.
The rest of our day we got to teach 3 different little children! I LOVED IT! teaching kids is my favorite!!!! It was better because I felt like i could actually talk to them because they all spoke English. But Hermana R isnt very good with kids, she was talking to them like they were adults and used big words, but we worked together so well because I could relate to the kids in their 'language' and she could teach! haha
We also went to read the Book of Mormon to M. She is 93 and in a nursing home. She cant really move so the sisters go and read to her. Hermana R totally put me on the spot and asked me to read a few verses in Spanish.. I was so scared.. And I kinda pronounced the words with a French accent (like 'los' you dont pronounce the 's' in french but in Spanish you do) But they were both super nice and helped me get the hang of it. It was pretty cool!!
I don't know Spanish but the spirit helped me understand it!! :) it was such a blessing.

Also, Friday night- there was a huge storm! like more rain pouring down than I thought possible! hahaha, the lightning was INSANE! but we had an appointment after dinner, so we headed out! anyway, long story short. I don't want to freak you out but I want you to understand that i am being looked after! So basically what happened was a van cut us off, on the passengers side(where i was obviously). This wasn't like normal though. I don't know how to explain it, but that car was in our car. It cut us off so close that I am POSITIVE that it was hitting me. It felt like slow motion, I saw him coming and I braced myself for a hit. I completely thought it would hit me. I don't know how else to say this! but it didn't even nick us. It was crazy.. not like oh he was an inch from us. but I am so sure his car was on top of me... but it just wasn't. There were angels around our car!!!! They saved me because I cannot comprehend how else nothing happened. Your daughter is being looked after!! KNOW THAT.

So exciting!!! On Saturday I went back to Apollo Beach and we had an appointment at lunch with a less active and her husband Sister L visited with while we were doing exchanges. THEY ARE AMAZING! We walked in and they made us lunch.. my first cuban sandwich here!!! SOOO DELICIOUS!!!! T and C have been married for 6 years. She grew up in the church but fell away when she was in college. C grew up catholic. But HE IS PREPARED! they just had their first baby, T! She is almost 6 months and freaking cute! They both have been feeling like they wanted to go to church for their daughter and then they met us! :) We were just planning on going for a get to know you and to pray with them. But we ended up teaching the first lesson!!!!!! It was amazing!!! I have this adrenaline! hahaha. He accept everything so well and was good at asking questions! We asked him to pray about it and he said he already felt like it was right but that he would because we wanted him to! hahaha He read from the Book of Mormon what we asked him to as soon as we left! And T came to church!!!! C had to work otherwise he would have been there. But she stayed for all 3 blocks and the lessons were all spot on what she needed! The Spirit is amazing! We even had a baby blessing! :) We are going there tomorrow night for dinner and the second lesson. We are pretty giddy about them!!! :)

About these random pics from this week- We de-bugged our apartment this week! pretty sure we only got a little high off the amount of fumes.. haha. And did i tell you about the water? it it gross. so we drink from 65c gallons of drinking water! LOL :) Also, all our walls and ceiling are concrete.. sometimes we play volleyball/walleyball :D Oh, and I'm learning how to read upside down.... :P

Oh, my bike is here! I'm sorry I never answered that question. it is sitting in a box, yet to be assembled. but we will get there. My knee has been hurting I'M FINE THOUGH! but the mission doctor says I cant ride for a few weeks- that's why we have the car full time. I just have to brace me knee and ice it as often as possible (rice).

CARTER IS ONE?!?!?! HOLY CRAP! I can't believe how old he looks in all those freaking adorable photos!!! 
I really wish i could be there!!
Your lesson sounds great!! Thats the same one we taught the YW last week! :) we kinda taught them more about being missionaries though ;) it went good! 
Good luck at work this week! You're in my prayers too!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! See you in a week!
Sister Ormsby

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