Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dear Family... letter 9/16/12

This is the letter we received the same day as her email I posted yesterday:

Dear Family,

I'm sorry I have gotten dreadful at writing.  Sometimes it just seems easier to email y'all each week.  But then I realize how much I miss getting hand written letters/mail & I guess if I want some, I better give some :)

Well the past few days have been pretty hectic- just since I wrote you on Monday! (I'm writing this Wed night & sending it Thursday - let's see how long it takes ya to get it!) (to clarify: that was Wed 9/11 & Thurs 9/12.)  Tuesday night we met with C & T again .... He made us a freaking delicious meal; salmon & mashed potatoes with a homemade mushroom gravy - I swear he should be a 5 star chef! He is incredible! Anyway, tangent.... sorry.  T told us how she got an interrogation after church on Sunday.  He was so excited he wanted to know every detail!! He is so funny! We told him he would figure it all out when he come :)

After dinner we answered a few of his questions.  he is awesome with questions, which we love! :)  He read 2 Nephi 31; READ IT. RIGHT NOW. (Verse 20 is great)  I'll wait.....

Amazing right?! :)   He was a little confused about the priesthood, so we cleared some things up.  Then, we taught him about the Plan of Salvation! And, oh man! The Spirit was so strong!  It was incredible!!  Then, you won't believe it -- I invited him to be baptized!  He lit up with excitement, like a kid at Christmas time.  It really is incredible to see how the Lord prepares His children! :)  C is preparing to be baptized on Sept 29th!!  We are sooo excited for him!!  He really can't wait & we can't wait either!!

The Lord has blessed me with a sparkling, shining, freaking ultimate golden investigator as my first!  

I, of course, realize they won't all be this willing & prepared.  But C has already shown me of the REAL happiness that comes when we follow Christ.  I know the difference His light makes in our lives & that is why I love this work!

I have the best job ever!  I get to see Christ light up God's children with eternal joy!!!

This experience is shooting up my adrenaline! haha.  I feel a fire in my heart.  A yearning to have all my brothers & sisters feel of this peace, light & joy! :)

Anyway, that's probably enough rambling.....

Oh, but one more quick thing!  I'm learning Spanish! :)  Slowly ... but let's be honest, I'm pretty much fluent! :P
We are learning how to bear our testimonies .. a bit at a time & practice by reading the Restoration pamphlet in Spanish everyday.

- Hola Hermonas Y Hermanas, Quiero Compartir mi testimonio en espanol.  Dios es su Padre Celestial y Jesu Cristo es el Hijo de Dios.

That's all I know so far ... haha plus a few random phrases, but it's coming!

For now, that's the news! :)
Love & miss you all!!!

See you in a week, Sister Ormsby.

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