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Happy St. Patricks Day & her Miracle Journal! 3/17/2014

I am so glad to hear that I will get pictures this week.. I'm afraid I cant fully believe that until I see it! ;)
I cant believe how quickly all the kiddies are growing up!!! WHA?!  They need to stop it, tell them I need them to stop it please.

This week has been exhausting as always! BUT full of miracles!!!
I usually write a miracle a day in my journal at night but now with this fancy pants iPad, Sis. J. I take turns writing  typing it out and then we just air drop it to each other!  Its a lot less work, and here come the part you'll love.... I can email them all to you!  So you have each of my miracles from that week to read as well as my letter! win win, right?!?!
OKAY! I will send that off my iPad once I finish this email!

Here is the low-down on some potential/ actual investigators that need added prayers!!
First- We are teaching Dan! He is soooo prepared! He works with Brother S. from the ward and Brother S. just asked him to take the lessons!!  It has been pretty great! and we are teaching him again tonight.  He has great faith in Jesus Christ and he really wants to follow Him.  He is praying every night and right now we are trying to help him recognize his answers from the Spirit, so that he will commit to baptism!  He went to church on Sunday!!!  So that is fantastic! we will find out more tonight about whether he loved it or not! and we are hoping to invite him to baptism again, and hopefully set a date.. March 29th!  We will see! but pray for him to recognize his answers and have a desire to act on the answer he gets!

Then- Monika and her family! This is the golden family I told you about a while ago that we helped move in.  They are always busy so it is hard to get in with them very often, and they haven't been progressing really because we haven't given them good enough commitments.  They haven't been to church yet and that is the biggest things we have been trying to focus them on so they can feel of the spirit and make friends there.  They are desperate for their 12 year old daughter to have good friends and gain good self worth so we have explained the young women program and they are really excited about that!  The thing is just getting them there, pray for them to understand the messages we teach and for the spirit to answer their prayers.

Wade! I met Wade while i was on exchanges with Hermana Y. We were just walking in a neighbourhood and trying to talk to people and invite them.  Wade was outside washing his car with his 7 year old daughter. he was all wet and soapy but I just asked if I could give him a mormon.org card and invited him to check out the website, he was super friendly and said he would.  I asked him if we could say a prayer with his family sometime and he said we could come back in an hour!  So we went and exchanged back quickly, then Sister J. and I headed over there to pray with him. Long story short he has just been making better decisions in his life to turn it all around.  He has 2 young daughters and he lives around the corner from the chapel.  He has just began reading the Bible from the beginning so he can get closer to the Lord. We have taught him the first lesson, and explained the Book of Mormon to him. He has been so positive and always excited about learning more. He was happy to start reading the Book of Mormon once we went over the book and testified of the blessings that come from reading and praying.  Sadly, he didn't come to church! :( we were pretty bummed.  But we have an appointment this week with him and we'll find out what happened.  Pray for him to realize we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that the Spirit will help him follow Him.

Stephanie! She was a referral from her neighbour that we met while walking one day.  She is going through a tough time right now and when we prayed with her the spirit was so strong she was crying.  She has 3 kids under 11 years old and she invited us back to do a lesson with her kids.  We are going to teach them a family home evening lesson tonight, we are actually going to do the tie thing that you did in young womens forever ago, where you fold your arms like your praying and it works. we are going to tie it into the atonement and how because of Christ we can do hard things.  Please pray for comfort and peace for their family and help them feel the spirit in their home.

There are a lot more... but that ought to keep some covered for a little while! THANK YOU SO MUCH! for the 3 things that you know :) I LOVED it!!!!!  Does dad want to write me a letter? he's allowed... even if I'm bad at responding...

ALSO! new rule, that we are allowed to read our emails from home any day of the week!  We still can't respond until P day.. but we can read them because it is basically the same as reading a letter from you. Just in case you wanted to know, my emails are wide open for anyone out there who wants to drop a quick line! :)

See you in a week!
Sister Ormsby
ps- Brother Hales has been released from the hospital!! IT IS A MIRACLE! Pray for his strength and his family, and they will get through this! :)
My feet look dirty, but I did shower this morning... This is my 
marvelous shoe tan from the week.. I swear it appeared overnight!

Sister Ormsby still love her strawberry tortillas!

She loves to cook :)

Don't you just love her!

Miracle journal 

March 15, 2014 
We taught Wade about the Book Of Mormon this morning and he SOAKED IT
UP! It was so cool to see his excitement bloom! He is going to read it
in 1 month! We also met an awesome Spanish family today too! The
father, Ed, kept telling us he was catholic at first so we just
offered to pray with them. His wife, Rosa, doesn't know much English
but 3 of their kids were there and we said a prayer and the spirit was
so strong. They all felt it, afterwards Rosa got off her chair and
gave it to me, they both told us to sit down. Sister J started
teaching The Restoration and it he was really open and willing to
learn. He talked about his Spanish copy of the Bible and we were able
to set up a time for the Spanish elders to go back and share The Plan
of Salvation and the Book Of Mormon with them all! At first, we
weren't sure how receptive they would be.. But! Total miracle that
they are prepared! He said he would be baptized :)

March 14, 2013

March 13, 2014 
Tonight we showed a video to the Bennett's after dinner. It was Elder
Russell M. Nelson sharing a personal story about having faith and
being encouraged even when we feel 'weak in the heart'. The spirit was
there! Pat listened to the whole video and we were able to discuss
that there are people that seek for perfection before they turn to The
Lord, and how having faith in Him strengthens us before we have to go
through the hard times. We are all weak in heart, and that is okay.
Our hearts can find strength with Christ. Pat was friendlier than ever
tonight and I am so grateful that The Lord is strengthening his heart! 

March 12, 2014 
We met C's referral.... Stephanie. At first we didn't think we were going to be able to pray with her because her ex-in-laws
didn't want a prayer, told us she was Baptist, and she was on the
phone. But when she got off the phone she did INDEED want a prayer...
And she loved it!!! Sister Ormsby was filled with the Spirit. We
prayed for her mother who is getting surgery tomorrow and for her
children (she is going though a divorce). She cried. We setup a return
appointment for Monday the whole family. It was so cool. Then we asked
C's daughter if anyone needed a prayer and she said her friend and
his family. Aka: Stephanie's son. Inspired much? Yes! So grateful!

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