Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Transfers are confirmed! 3/3/2014

Her email this week began with the sad news that she and her companion of almost 7 months will be split on Tuesday of this week.  Sister Ormsby is staying put in Apollo Beach and getting a new companion.  Sister L.  is moving somewhere else with her new companion.   It is truly bitter sweet!  They love each other like sisters......  But then she went on with the following:

Here we go... missionary stuff!
awesome experience this week!
Our RS president gave us a list of names to check out for her so she can learn more about them.. so on Thursday, I think.. we went to go find one lady and her daughter who should both be in RS. so, we drove to their place, it was in a trailer park, and when we went in, we drove past a trailer with 4 people outside it and we knew we should go talk to them.. but we decided to try these sisters first, and talk to them on our way out. Okay, so the trailer we went to ended up being the wrong address because the lady didn't know what we were talking about.. But whenever that happens, we know that we were put there for a reason, and there is someone we need to find!  So we left our car parked and walked to the trailer out the front to give a card to the people outside, but they were gone already. BUMMER!  So we started walking back to the car and a guy opened his bedroom window and asked us who we were looking for! Sister L. told him, we thought there was people outside that we could invite to church, and asked him if he might like to come! SO basically it was a miracle. His name is Joseph and he was super prepared!!!!  He told us he had just prayed the night before for the first time in a long time!  He had decided he need to turn his life around and find a church! CRAZY, right?!?!?! We told him a bit about the restoration and we said a prayer with him as it was pouring rain in the mud at a trailer park, but the spirit was really strong! I know God put us there at the right time, even Joseph knew it, because he told us, people always walk past my window, but I knew you were sent from Jesus Christ and that I needed to talk to you! He said he could feel it! How awesome, right?!!? :)
Well, he is in the elders area, but hopefully they will start teaching him! :D
That's one of my miracles from this week! 
I love you lots!
Don't worry about me, just keep the prayers coming and I know it will all work out, if not how we want.. always how the Lord wants. 
Our super-fantastic Bishop gave Sister L. and I both blessings on Sunday. He is the sweetest guy and the only person I really wish I could HUG! hahahaha, I really love him though! He cares about us so much, and he always knows what to say :) In my blessing he told me that Sister L. and I will be eternal friends, and that whichever one of us leaves this earth first, will be waiting with open arms for the other one in heaven! Isnt that the sweetest thing?! We were sobbing! hahaha there were so many other perfect things he told us :) So i know we will be okay!

You should video the kids playing! I wanna see photos!! or ANYTHING!

See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

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