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Saying goodbye never gets easier! 3/10/2014

Hard week! This week has really seemed to drag on, too! I am so glad email time is here

This week Sister L. and I held each other for the last time in our apartment, and we had a mad dash of packing to do before Tuesday morning! There were many tears. Many. Many. Many. Like basically, A LOT! I miss my sister sooooooo much!
It is a HUGE adjustment I am making now. I haven't really been a missionary without Sister L.  I feel mostly really lost that I am doing this all without her!  And this area is just ours, you know?! PLEASE! somebody tell me of a companion they had for 7 months (and LOVED) and how they dealt with having to be away from each other.. because I feel like it would be hard if it had just been a short time! But we were together forever!!!!!

My new companion is Sister J! She is from Orem! The youngest of NINE! and her parents are on a mission in Tallahassee. Yes, she is a shorty! She is almost a foot shorter than me! haha. She was in our zone before this, and Sis L. and I were actually her STL's!! She came from Seffner. She is the most hard working person you will ever meet! She always wants to be perfect and she is always bubbly and smiling! She has been on her mission for 15 months! So she goes home in May (2 transfers) we figure that either I will go this next transfer, or I will be in Apollo beach for 3 more! (which would be almost 1 year in 1 area!!!... if its gotta be one area, I want it to be here.)
I don't know if that really made sense.. haha, but anyways- She is great! She is really pushing me to be a better missionary. 

This week we have had a lot of awesome experiences because we did HEAPS of street contacting! And it has been really cool!  It is soooooo easy to talk to people now, after going to metro!  And it is amazing how many more people the Lord puts in our path as we seek to talk to all the ones around us! 
This week has been really tough, like I have cried a lot. It was probably the worst when I saw Sis. L. with another comp... hahaha, and then when we had to say goodbye I was such a mess.. I couldn't stop sobbing... SO EMBARRASSING! lol
Poor Sister J. has had to deal with my messy-ness! I feel bad for her! haha, but it is just really hard being here without Sister L., the first couple days were the worst. It felt like an exchange because Sister J. doesn't know the area or the people and i just had to decide what we were doing and when.  It was really hard, but on Thursday morning I said my "sacred grove prayer" and I basically pleaded with Heavenly Father for strength and comfort. I needed to vent to someone and explain all everything that I was going through to someone who knows me, you know?  Well Sis L. wasn't there to talk to and I hadn't heard from our STL's, and I couldn't call Martina. So I just spilled my heart to the Lord. I talked to Him about everything I was feeling. And then we had 3 hours of planning to do, so I might have cried some more during that time.. 
My super-wonderfully fantastic bishop just knows Sister L. and I so well, so he kept checking up on me. We went to the chapel on Wednesday and oh man when he just gives me this look I start crying!  Its like this 'fatherly, I love you and how are you doing?' look.. but it gets me every time and I just start crying and he was like why do you cry every time you look at me?!  I DON'T KNOW!!! hahaha, but the good news was, that after my melt down Thursday morning and my prayer, I didn't cry when I saw him that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was pretty much a miracle and I was very proud! I then didn't cry ALL DAY Friday!! miracle. I know.

Saturday morning we had a Relief Society Conference for Visiting Teaching and it was soooooo nice!!! There was a yummy brunch and fantastic speakers! That was the first time I got to see Martina and when she hugged me I didn't want to let go!  My eyes filled with tears and so did hers! I recovered myself though, for the rest of the meeting. When it finished we sang I'll go where you want me to go.. so I was basically trying not to cry!  Afterwards, I went to throw away our plates in the rubbish and bishop stopped me to ask how I was, with his famous look, and I couldn't really say anything because I didn't want to cry.. so I just gave him a thumbs up and he smiled, so I started to walk away and he said, you know you're amazing, right?!  I turned around and he gave me 'that look' so I teared up and tried to nod at him. He asked me if I wanted to get a blessing at church tomorrow or right then, I just looked at him and he said, go get your companion, we'll go now. 
So Bishop has this amazing gift to always know what I'm thinking and feeling.  And he always says the right thing.  He talked with us a bit and then it was my turn for a blessing. It gave me so much peace! Like I can't express.
So everyday is still HARD! but I have found a new strength to handle it all.
Bottom line, I know that God has a plan for me and I know that this is a part of it. There is something to learn from all of this. this is to help me grow. 
Sister J. and I both spoke in church yesterday and I really didn't prepare a talk because so many other things got in the way! 
But, Bishop asked me to speak on 'What I have learned from my mission'. Couldn't be more broad of a topic, right?!?!? hahaha
But as I prayed and thought about what the ward needed to hear, I kept thinking of something Pres asked us all to do at the transfer meeting. 

Think about 3 things that you KNOW.
Here are mine:
1. I KNOW that God loves each of His children.
2. I KNOW that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for all of us, and isn't just for repentance.
3. I KNOW that the Spirit teaches each of us and guides us. 
Basically, I figured out- halfway through speaking that the things I know actually make up the 1st Article of Faith, so that was cool. hahaha
I am running out of time or else I would elaborate more on those points.. but study Matthew 11:28-30. Definitely some of my fav. verses!!
I love you so so so so so much! I know that God has a beautiful plan for me, so don't you ever worry about me! I am being taken care of :)

See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

P.S- Think of 3 things that you KNOW! and get back to me on what they are :)
       OH! and I have interviews with president this week!!

                           Sister Ormsby trying hard to be happy at transfers!

New companion Sister J.  :)

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