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Hermana Ormsby!! 6/2/2014

Some news from Mum to explain some of her following email.... Sister Ormsby had transfers last week (we knew she was staying in Apollo Bay, but did not know anything about her new companion). Her new companion is a Spanish speaking sister, and if you've been following Sister Ormsby's blog you will know how dearly she has longed for and prayed for the ability to speak Spanish with so many of the people she teaches. Here is the picture posted on the Florida Tampa mission FB page, that was taken last Tuesday, transfer day:

I also sent some photos to her, one of which was her sister Jaime's ultrasound of her baby.

First off- I squealed when i saw the picture of Jai's ultrasound!! SO WONDERFUL! :D

Oh yeah. Like you wouldn't believe and like a perfect answer to my prayers.. my new companion is Hermana K.! She is AWESOME.
We are basically the same person, and we have soooo much fun together!! And! We get to do language study every morning! I AM LEARNING SPANISH! And I am THRILLED about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I have started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and I'm not too far yet, but it has been really great! I have started praying in Spanish too! And we put sticky notes all over everything in our apartment and car so I can practice my vocab! It is like a dream come true! haha :)
Seriously though, I am so excited to be learning and my sweet Hermana is kind of the coolest person ever.
She is 19, from Orem and the youngest of 6. We like all the same things and have crazy similar sense of humor! It is pretty wonderful! She has been in Naples her whole mission (7 months) and she is a rock star. I love the way Heavenly Father just knows what and who we need. It is such a witness to me of His great love. Hermana K. just loves. It is an incredibly powerful gift that she has. She loves me, which I really needed. But she loves the people. Everyone can really see and feel her love. That is what motivates her and it is beautiful! I know I am going to learn so much for her.

This week, on top of my incredible language skills improving, we had some awesome stuff go down! I have really noticed the blessings of being prepared this week! I realized that I stress about things out of my control, but I am working on that. Now I focus on all I can do. Our lessons have been led by the spirit and I just love being able to focus on others. There
is power in teaching by needs! It is such a cool time to be a missionary. We have the freedom that the 1970's missionaries did not (they had everything memorized to recite).. we get to pray for specific people, be led by the spirit as we focus on what message they need, and then when we teach it can still change based on questions we feel prompted to ask! It is SUCH a gift to be able to teach people what they need, when they need it, and how they need it! 

This week my testimony of charity has grown. In big part because of my new companion. Lately I have become more focused on 'doing', but such power has come from letting Christ-like love fuel my efforts. That is why I came on a mission, because I love my Savior and because I love my brothers and sisters. I testify that others can absolutely FEEL a difference when we show them the love of their Heavenly Father.

So many super cool experiences! But one really quick one was this week I got to see my recent convert of 7 months (Christian) teach a new member lesson to my recent convert from last month (Phillip). And the Spirit bore witness so strong because of Christian's very real testimony. HOW MANY PEOPLE GET TO SEE THAT ON THEIR MISSIONS?! I AM SOOOOO BLESSED! It was really incredible! 
Sometimes I think Heavenly Father just spoils me! :) But I sure am grateful for His pure love!
Love you all!!!!!!!!!!
See you in a week,
Hermana Ormsby
Just call me Hermana Ormsby.

My cutie compaƱera! We went to a scout activity, western themed! 

We love sporadic Florida thunderstorms!! We had to run to the car in the downpour.

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