Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day One in Tampa

Okay - Day One!

Got up at 6:30 am (which was really 4:30 with the time change) I wanted to cry, I was sooooooo happy.  IT'S HOT

Sister U and I got to sleep on queen beds last night at the hotel.  Best night's sleep EVER.  I swear!  We didn't want to get up - but exact obedience! :)

Then we had orientations and more rules.  Pretty routine. (P.S - I need a copy of my motor vehicle record sent to the mission home before I can drive here, so can you please figure that out for me? I LOVE YOU!)

So after that, random missionaries started trickling into the chapel. AND - I saw Layne!  It was awesome!!

We (the newbies) sat in on the meeting for the trainers - all the while not knowing who would train who.  Then came lunch.  After that ... I got my trainer!

Sister L!  She is super cute!  She turned 21 last week and has been out 5 months.  AND - we are opening a new area together!  Apollo Beach B.  So excited to get into all of this.  But it turns out our apartment isn't ready yet - so we won't move in until next week.  For now we are staying with sisters P & R in an area 20 miles north of ours, Valrico.  It's all so weird & new - we are still sorting it all out.

But there are Elders in Apollo Beach -A that have been there a while.  Basically we have a share car with them, but they drove us around a bit & showed us the area - it is HUGE!!!  No wonder they split it, we still cover so much! 

It's incredibly green here & the weather is so bi-polar!  BUT - I love the rain! It is SO warm & nice!  The Elders drove us by the place we will be moving into & it is so incredibly cool.  We didn't believe them at first.  It looks like a concrete dome COVERED in awesome murals.  Okay, I can't even explain it - but we took a photo & I'll send that on Monday when I email.

We are still figuring it all out.  But is is cool!  I am so happy!  And I love you all!

See you in a week   -- Love Sister Ormsby

P.S. I didn't have the address for our new place yet.  But I'll email it on Monday.
P.P.S. The area we cover is all of Hillborough County (google it!)  It's pretty massive :)

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