Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Letter Two (day 2 in the MTC)

Here's Sister Ormsby's second letter:

I know you really want details, but the fact of the matter is I basically have NO free time here.  Our open study time is spent studying lessons for our investigators & the short hour I have at night is usually showering time & get ready for bed.  I always have the best of intentions of writing you guys letters & writing in my journal but the time never fits!  (This was written day two, letter two!!  Love this girl!!!)  So..... AH! I am going to try my very best to summarize & detail the important stuff: 
Day Two: a really fantastic workshop to start our day! Called "People & your purpose workshop". It all reminded me of dad because we watched different clips from that project "1 in 8 million" the one about people in New York .. I'm not sure if he'll remember.  I have mainly been learning to see everyone as Christ sees them, which is a beautiful & amazing experience.  Favorite thing I realized from that workshop: "This is NOT about you! You have a front row seat to the greatest miracle that happens on earth.  Watch God reach down and pull His children back to Him". WOW! Right?!!?
My perception of this work has really changed.  I know that my purpose is to help others develop a relationship with Christ, to love Him & to learn of Him, not about Him but of Him.
We had additional study time where we studied as a district.  I am really blessed to be a part of my district, we have grown so close so quickly & I really value the insightful studying we accomplish together.  Their testimonies strengthen mine so much.
We were also blessed to have Zone teaching with Brother D.  We learned to focus on loving our investigators first, than letting the rest follow.  Also, did you know that 75% of accomplishing our missionary purpose comes from the preparation? We plan by the Spirit, have personal & companion study & only then are we able to teach by the spirit.  We put a lot into preparing.  Current motto: "The power of your teaching comes through preparation". Psst: Jeffrey R. Holland: "Your First Convert".. So Great!!  What I learned: Everything in the conversion process must happen to you before it can happen the them - EVERYTHING!   I will be my first convert!! :)
One of my goals is to see individuals not as they are, but as what they can become through Christ. I'm beginning to understand that when I have the right vision of them, I will be given the courage to teach effectively.  So basically, This Work is Amazing!!!!
In class we have begun studying the fundamentals. The difference between unskilled and skilled is fundamentals! Setting up a good foundation will begin our conversion to the Lord!
Okay - next awesome thing is: we have an investigator!!! His name is Shawn & Sister U & I have taught him 3 lessons now!  It is hard but incredible!!!  I am really beginning to see how much the Lord wants His children back so bad! Because as we have taught our investigator I really feel that love Christ has for His children is so much magnified then the love I have gained. DID THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? Let me try again, I already love those we teach - it really opens my eyes to the love Christ must have for them & how much more magnified it must be!  It is truly incredible to be a part of this work! :)
Other news is Thursday night we met with our Branch Presidency. They are seriously the best! We all had interviews & S. U. and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve our zone as Sister Training Leaders.
We feel the weight of this responsibility to lead the new sisters that will arrive on Wednesday.  We already love them!  
Love you!  See you in a week! - Sister Ormsby

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