Saturday, August 24, 2013

First letter from Tampa

I made it!!  Florida is fantastic! :)

Here are the "Top Ten" things my mission president & his wife told us that our parents would want to know.

1. First impression as I flew into Tampa:

Freaking beautiful!! Honestly, I can't get over how it all looks EXACTLY like Brisbane! For real, the airport, the skyline, the heat - everyone is just driving on the wrong side of the road.  Otherwise, spitting image! I LOVE IT 

2. Who met you at the airport?

President & Sister Cusick - they are so great!!! Our AP's which I have been told to tell you are the most awesome AP's ever - really are :)   (*AP's are assistants to the president, they are also missionaries)

3. How did you feel about the people you met the first day?

They are all so nice, I haven't been here long, but I can still see this feeling like home.

4. What happened the first day and evening?

Once we landed President & Sister Cusick drove Sister U and I to the hotel.  We just had a quick 5 minutes to drop our bags off. (We are staying at La Quinta on Dale Mabry Rd if ya wanna google it! :) )  (she knows me so well!) Now we are at the mission home!  We had a delicious dinner & some quick interviews.  And after we all finish our letters, we'll have training tonight. 

5. What is making me feel happy right now.

EVERYTHING. The spirit, the excitement, the reality of it all! I am so happy & so sure that this is where I am meant to be! :)

6. What do you especially appreciate about your family or those supporting you?

Uhm, everything!! Your letters mean so much!! And absolutely your PRAYERS!! I love you all!

7. What advice that you received before leaving is turning out to be the most valuable?

Write it all down.  Everything really is flying by!  Work hard & love it! Kia Kaha.

8. What is going well so far?

I feel ready.  I feel happier.  I'm so good!

9. Florida seems...

So wonderful. Pretty. HOT :)


I have a testimony of this work.  Our message comes from Christ.  This is such an incredible opportunity to serve & love others. This church is true & I am grateful to help others come to Christ!

- see you in a week, Love Sister Ormsby

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