Monday, August 12, 2013

Day One ... and counting

I love this picture taken the Sunday of Whitney's farewell... it was an amazing day.  So full of the support, love and spirit!  She was glowing, and buoyed up by all the complete love she felt from everyone.

Fast forward to her drop off at the MTC, she was ready!!  There were no tears, just joyful anticipation :)

Whitney surprised me by turning up at my office the very next day!  I was so happy to see her... she looked stunning!  She was radiant, so happy and going strong.

This is her sweet companion in the MTC.. Sister U.   Whitney loves her so much, she says they are so similar

Her first letter arrived in the mail today; here it is:

First day: LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG  But also, amazing, terrifying & wonderful too!  It seems like such a blur now, but I know you want details so I'll try to recount what I can! (FYI: I've told her I'm always telling the missionaries "mom's like details!")

It started off all rushed - I had to get ID, books & my nametag!! :)  Then my host showed me to my room, dropped off my bags & took me to my classroom in 11M (but you already knew that!) (Yes, it's true I do have access to all the missionaries schedules as part of my job)
I got to meet my teacher, Bro.C (he is from Lehi!) Then I did an orientation on the computer. When I went back to class I got to meet my district!
Sister A. is a 21 y.o convert, so we are the mothers of the group! She is so sweet.  Her companion is Sister M. she is a cutie 19 y.o & they are both going to Houston TX. All our Elders are awesome too!  They are all 18 & all from Utah! haha, but seriously valiant men! :)  We have all grown so close in such a short time.  We all keep each other on track spiritually. But we know how to have fun too!
Sister U. (my companion) is such a caring, beautiful sweet sister!  I really love her!  We are so similar & we have a lot of fun.  But it's mostly great having a companion that is always on the same level as you - we really connect.  I know we were meant to be companions!
We had a MTC presidency welcome that was amazing.  I was the only missionary from Australia & I had to stand up - about 200 heads snap back to see me!  It was so awkward! haha.  Oh, and when they called for the Utahns to stand the sisters & I just about died laughing - it was more than 95%!!!  So hilarious.
Oh and here we have sung "we are as the army of Helaman... a lot!!  That first afternoon it really hit me that this was really real - because they changed the words from "and we will be the Lord's missionaries" to "and we are now the Lord's missionaries, & we'll bring the world His truth"/  The Spirit was thick in the air & it really struck me.  I am the Lord's missionary! I was filled with warmth at the realization that this IS real & this is NOW.  After and early dinner we had a small break to unpack a bit - it is just us 4 sisters in our residence.
Then we had our 'Teaching Experience' & boy was it!  I'm learning to to see everyone as What they can become, through Christ.  I'm trying to remember that we are in the same position as those we will teach - we are responsible for each other in this life.
I am getting so excited to be able to serve. I have been learning the real power behind the word SERVE.
Later that night we met our zone leaders & the sister training leaders.  They are all great though!  Sister D & Sister N came over & we all had spiritual girl talk - which for the record - is WAY  better than gabbing about make up & boys.
So, like I said:-  LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG!
I loved your letter so much! It was beautiful!  I love you! I want to send this now, but I promise to write more soon!!
Love you.. see you in a week!
Sister Ormsby

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