Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another week...another injury! 11/12/13 PICS TOO :)

So some preliminary information for your benefit before you read Sister Ormsby's email.
Last Friday, while at work, I called Missionary Medical to talk to them about her knee... when they told me she had just had an accident on her bicycle and was at an Instacare for her arm!!
I was able to talk via Facebook with a couple of the members in her ward in Florida who filled in a few of the holes for me that night and over the weekend.   Oh and she began her email by sending lots of photos... which I will add to the end of this post. And now to Sister Ormsby's letter....

Overload of pictures yet?!? hahaha, Well I am really sorry- but this email will be short, because typing with one hand is slow and my time is limited!

First off- i am sorry you found out that way!!  I don't know who B is.... but that is messed up she told you. haha but don't worry- I AM FINE!
I am soooooo happy that you could talk to Martina and Tracy about it though... so they could clear somethings up! basically.. I don't know how to ride a bike. So i fell off.. twice. First time, was funny, i didn't get hurt and everything was great. But the story I know you want to hear.....
I was biking behind Sis. L. on a dodgy road with no bike lane. Right next to us was a bank of long weeds that was kind of steep. Well, all the cars going by were going into the opposite lane and giving us lots of room. Until a van came up behind me and he wasn't going around, I was biking right on the white line next to the grass, so I just decided to ride down into the grass so he would get off me. Not the most brilliant idea I've had... because my tire got stuck on the edge of the pavement and twisted in a pot hole, sending me flying off the bike and onto the road. (I tried to catch myself with my arm, and my palm slipped behind me and twisted my arm backward, into a not natural position.) so that's how it happened. And the man jumped out of his car to help, Sister L. ran back with her bike and my helmet flung across the road. I guess I was laying looking a little dead, but I was stunned and it took a minute for me to understand what happened. My arm immediately was killing, but it felt numb like I couldn't move it. I couldn't even lift myself up off the ground, it wasn't until the traffic had cleared and I was sitting that it really started hurting. Moving wasn't really an option so Sis L. made me a sling from her cardie. 
The calls were made and the Spanish elders came and picked us up. 

We were on our way to Christian's for lunch, so Sis. L. called him and told him what had happened, so we followed him to the nearest Urgent care. We spent 3 hours there. I was still in excruciating pain... but the people there didn't really seem to know what URGENT meant. While we waited, we went into the car with the elders and they gave me a blessing. It was really cool.
So i got the x-rays and no broken bones or fractures. I hyper-extended my elbow back, so it is swollen and strained. 5 days in a sling and Naproxen(which isn't doing much) & ice every hour... because that is possible! :P that better suffice! :) I am proud of you! I have been praying that you would be comforted since Martina told me you knew. :)

That is the highlight of this week! oh... needless to say we are back on full car... and what's better.. we got an upgrade! We are now cruising in a 2014 corolla! :D 

The work is good! I really am loving it here! And I want to stay with Sis. L. in Apollo beach for Christmas sooooooo bad! So keep that in your prayers! :)
Christian blessed the sacrament at church on Sunday! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing! He has such a sweet spirit!!! I cant wait for you all to meet one day! :) :)

see you in a week!
Sister falls-a-lot, Sister clumsy-pants, Sister always-injured, Sister Ormsby :)

                             Sister Ormsby & Sister L. geo caching last P Day
                          Riding to their first dinner appointment at night
      They weren't there; so they ate an orange on the doorstep and rode home  :(
In an effort to eat healthier this is an example of their home cooking
                                    And S. Lee's parent's sent some protein bars!!
                                             Her first "safe" fall  onto grass
            Her second fall... the real one!  She's not really smiling, she's in pain! :(
                                                Now that's a legit sling!!!
                                       The card from the Elders that came with ....
                                               her surprise package  :)
                                  And flowers from Tracy & Christian!!

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