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Christian's Baptism! & Halloween Pictures :) 11/4/2013

Everything about your trip makes me green with envy!! I know it must have been tough! but it sounds too like you were able to fit a whole lot in!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT PICTURES! I know they will make me jealous... but i wanna see you guys at the beach, and pictures of all the girls! and grandparents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now, onto my news.. 
(this is from my journal last week)
October 27th, 2013:
Today was a highlight of a lifetime!!! Today Teagan was blessed and Christian was baptized! It was such a beautiful day- FILLED to the brim with the Spirit :) First of all, I cant really express my love for Christian- we have watched him grow closer to Christ & I feel SO blessed to see how the Lord has guided his whole life- for this! Christian's faith inspires me & I really love him like a brother! That is probably what has made today so incredibly special! Because he IS whanau. I was giddy with excitement ALL morning! And a few amazing things have happened- Tony & Sabrina came to church! BOTH without invitations from us! Tony got all dressed up in a suit and his wife gave an AMAZING talk in sacrament meeting about overcoming hard times. Sabrina's curiosity is growing :) It was Elder A and Elder F's last Sunday in Apollo Beach- & they both bore beautiful testimonies. Brother C gave a wonderful talk on being a child of God. Basically sacrament meeting was the BEST- & to top it off..... Teagan was blessed!!! :) it was such a sweet blessing and she was given a promise that she will lead her family to the temple. Tracy's parents both came (they have been less active for years) and it was definitely a meeting for the books- THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!!!!
4 other less actives we have been visiting came and it was amazing!
After church was the baptism! It was pretty special to see Christian in that white jump suit. He smiled so big and had an incredible light about him. (Sister L and I talked to him about making sure people from the ward would be involved in the program- so neither of us did a talk- members did... but we did surprise him and sing with the other Elders 'when i am baptized'!) so the baptism was flipping beautiful! :) Our goal, if I am being totally honest was to get him to cry...... well- he teared up while we sang.. so whatever. :P
Bishop baptized him and as soon as he came out of the water, he cupped his hands over his face and started sobbing! (I wasnt crying... I never cry...) once he looked up he saw us all watching and pulled his mouth into the widest grin you can imagine he raised his hands in the air!  The spirit was pushing down on me, heavily! It was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once the crowd headed back to the chapel, Tracy's father stopped Sister L and I and thanked us for helping his family. He told us that this was a catalyst for him and his wife returning to the truth they know. He was pushing back tears as he explained to us what it meant to have his family together in the gospel. He was sooooo sweet! Christian really looks up to him, and it was cool to see that now he is looking up to Christian!
Once Christian came back into the chapel, our ward mission leader asked us to tell the story of how we met Christian and taught him. So we did that, through more happy tears. Christian was then given the gift of the Holy Ghost and it lit him up even more! He was given more promises of an eternal family, and I know they are working to get to the temple.
I really am grateful that Sister L and I are the ones that were blessed enough to knock on his door.  I am so blessed to have my testimony of this gospel- it is growing stronger everyday! It has been incredible to see the light of Christ light up a person- touch his heart and change his entire family and future! I LOVE THE LORD. I am so grateful to be a small part, and watch this miracle occur and change lives. 

It has been a true blessing in my life to have met Christian and his family. I love them all dearly! 

This week has seemed slow and fast at the same time. Sister L and I got food poisoning on Wednesday and iIgot a migraine on Saturday. Then yesterday I also woke up with a sty! YAY! :( Something is happening though, my immune system is being destroyed! I am even growing hair to prove it! It is sooooooooooooo weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry, my mind is going blank so I cant remember the things I need to tell you.......................................

We have two new elders in apollo beach now, they are both nice and one of them is from England! We actually came out together! so it is kind of nice to not be the only baby here, hahaha :)
oh- ps: I was looking at my blog and you don't have to take out peoples names, I purposely wont ever tell you their full names and they all know I have a blog where I talk about them. but it will get super confusing if you don't just write their first name :)
ALSO- I got both the postcards from NZ 2 weeks ago! they are so great! I actually did a cultural night for the young men this week and talked about OZ and I used the postcards to show them about NZ :)
ps- might there be any pawpaw in that package? 
pps- did you know that Florida actually HAS a winter?!?!?! IT IS GETTING COLD! I am not a fan! I didn't pack any fall/winter clothes! :O  (btw, cold is in the 60's... but people have been saying it will get down into the 30's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
ppps- did you want to send the uke in that package?....... cause if you did some chords for hymns would be amazing.......

LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

Christian sent me a few photos of Sister Ormsby & her companion from Halloween; Christian made their costumes for them!!

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