Saturday, November 23, 2013

Great idea for dessert for Enrichment night! 11/18/13.

Sister Ormsby and I were able to "chat" back & forth for a few minutes this last week!  It was soooo wonderful!!!  Here is her actual email letter:
Sorry for this email being so short.. 
Summarized, this week was long. We haven't met our goals like we wanted to. Not many people have been answering doors. Not even appointments we've had set up. But I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of His Atonement I am able to start over fresh every single day.
Everyday I try to be a better daughter of God, a better missionary, a better friend and a better example to everyone I meet. Even when I don't succeed He picks me up and lets me try again the next day. I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to continue trying, each and everyday- because of Christ. Read Helaman 5:12! I have been studying that whole chapter and it is great!!! 
I know that when we build ourselves on Christ- we will always fall onto Him! Which really, is never falling! :)
I really LOVE this gospel! I love Sister L. and I love serving my Savior in the small capacity!
See you in a week, 
Sister Ormsby

P.S- I will totally jot down some thoughts for your YW thing! it sounds great! I would tell you to look up chapter 6 in preach my gospel (Christlike attributes) for an awesome list of things we should all be striving to be, too! :) 
PP.S- don't worry about the warmer clothes, I was just being a sissy... it is already in the 80's again. hahahahha
PPP.S- my elbow is still sore, but it will all be sorted out soon! 

Here are some of the other little lines that passed between back and forth between us that morning...

Sister Ormsby: Great letter! :) yay! how are you??
Me: I'm happy to have the girls here, and happy to know you are being so well cared for by such loving members!  How are you?
Sister Ormsby: I BET! Are they planning any super awesome fun things?? Will you have thanksgiving day off? and black Friday? Is it freezing in Utah right now? I'm wonderful!
Me: Yes, I have Thanksgiving & Black Friday off... I was sad at first when I realized you weren't going to be here for Black Friday (it's our thing!)  But then I realized they would be here, that makes it ok for this year! :)
Sister Ormsby: I'VE BEEN REPLACED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P hahahha, but what will you do NEXT year?!
Me: I can't think about that... too sad!!  :(  Except that will mean you'll be close to coming home :)

Between these little messages, I received these pictures... This is what she wrote to go with the first picture:  "a few pics before my log... Sister L. and I signed up to bring a dessert to the enrichment night on Tuesday..... soooooo.... this is what we made... hahahaha"
                        Bahahahaha!!!  That is NOT The picture I expected!  :) 

Then she sent three pictures of her trip the week before to a local Manatee Park with a member family from her ward.

                                           Before sending the last picture she wrote                                                   we will for sure be friends for a loooooonnngggggggggggg time! :)

After her "short" email letter I wrote to her: 
Short but perfect!  I love you soooo much! Have a wonderful week, know that I'm praying for you and Sister L. and all the wonderful people of Apollo Beach! See you in a week!  MWAH!!!
To which she responded: 
Yay! It means a lot! I love you lots and lots!!
Just quickly because I forgot- don't send the uke :( I REALLY want it! but Pres just came out with some rules and cleared up that we cant have instruments out here. I was so excited to have it! but don't bother...
also, just fyi- I will have my MRI on the 22 cause they need prior auth and my appointment with the upper extremities orthopedic doctor to review the MRI isn't till the 26th. Then we have interviews with Pres on the 27th and then Thanksgiving on the 28th! :)
 LOVE YOU! and I'll talk to you next week! :)

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