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Easter Joy & 7 baptisms! 4/21/2014

This week has been phenomenal! We have been soooooo blessed and I have again and again learnt that their is such a spiritual strength and power that comes from faith-filled prayer!!!

We set FOUR baptismal dates!  So now we have an incredible grand total of 7!  What?!?! 3 of them are going to be on Mothers Day!!! (that's May 11th, right?)
One of them was a former investigator! Bonita! I think I told you a bit about her before.. but if I didn't, she is awesome and she has been praying about what we have taught her. 
Another is Linda's daughter Brianna! She has such a bright spirit and she has a strong desire to change her life and be better!
And a part member family that we have been teaching! Sister I. hasn't been to church in a while, and she has 3 teenage girls. the youngest, Nina (10), hasn't been baptized and she wants too!!  She will be baptized on Mothers Day!  And she is sooooo sweet!  They are an awesome family and they came to church on Sunday!!!! :D
Chuck's step-son Dylan wants to be baptized too!  So that is the other one! Heavenly Father is preparing EVERYONE!  I feel like I just get to watch it happen!  It is pretty crazy!
Phillip is still super duper fantastic!  He is getting baptized next Sunday!!!!  His daughter Heavenly is really great!  We love them both soooo much!  They are so close to the spirit and the definition of prepared(GOLDEN)!  Phillip is reading the Book of Mormon faster than us!  He is already passed Mosiah! and he quit smoking without us telling him about the word of wisdom!   I think I told you that last week.. but maybe not.. anyways, he is on FIRE!  I can't wait for his baptism because he already has such an awesome light, once he gets the Holy Ghost he will be GLOWING! :D
Amazing things have happened this week!  And you will love this, I have been writing it down!!  I have been writing a sentence a day in my journal since dad asked me to.. haven't missed a day!  And there is the odd oober special day that has like 12 miracles that day that Sis. J and I will take turns writing out.
One thing I keep wishing, overwhelmingly... that I could speak Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohh, the possibilities! :)
For now, I am satisfied with my basic 3 minute conversation I can hold and my Spanish-English missionary guide book Elder S. gave me before he left. 
OH! PS!  We have new Spanish sisters in the ward now!!!  So it is ALL SISTERS in Apollo Beach! :D

First off.. PRAYER IS POWERFUL.  We take it for granted.  It is a gift and a blessing to communicate with God.  If we ask, He will give.  A simple principle that stands firm through all tests and circumstances.
Sister J. and I went to a taco truck on Friday night for dinner.  We each had about 3 Finding Faith in Christ pass-along cards in Spanish and before we got out of the car we wrote the Spanish sisters phone number and the church address on each.  When we were ordering a Hispanic man and his little daughter were in line.  Her name is Ally, she was so sweet and she complemented out pretty dresses.  We told her we like her dress and she couldn't stop smiling.  When we got our food she hollered at us to come sit by her.  We sat across the table from them and her dad didn't know hardly any English.  We had some small chat and Roberto(the dad) eventually got up to leave.. Ally told us her house was a big blue one and he told us to come over tomorrow.  We asked him for an address but he couldn't tell us a number, we just made out the street name and that there would be a green truck. 
Not much to go off.. but I love the Spirit. We prayed hard that night to know which house to find them at. 
Saturday comes around and we are in the neighborhood so we drive around that street and count 16 blue houses.  Not a single one with a green truck.  Or even the red Honda we saw them driving to the taco truck.  We circled the street about 3 times.  I was praying the whole time, and nothing.  We were pretty close to knocking on each door! hahaha
But we had another appointment so we resigned to come back.  Later that night we were driving and Sis. J. missed the turn so we were going the long way to our lesson, on the street Ally and Roberto live, when a little girl on her bike darts out in front of us and we realize its Ally!!!  She was so happy to see us and she immediately pointed out her house to us and told us to go see her family!  MIRACLE! Right?!  We were on our way to a lesson so we promised to stop by later. 
Skip to later, because when we got there... It was Roberto's birthday party!  His whole family was there and they fed us some delicious rice and beans and chicken and corn!  Turns out Roberto's older daughter was taught by the missionaries before she moved to Fort Myers and she didn't know there was a chapel so close to where she was!  We gave her the information she wanted and we are going back there with the Spanish sisters next week!  I WISH I SPOKE SPANISH! hahahhahah, but holy cow, did the Lord answer our prayers!! :)

I love you soooo much! 
See you in a week!
Sister Ormsby

Abe needs the gospel too.

Sometimes we are children and get happy meals..

Sister J. and I realized this week that we are OJ!!!! :)

We had an Easter feast on Friday! 
(Gyros, hummus, grape leaves, dates, falafels and grape juice)

We drove by and saw this tree so we had to stop for a quick pic!!

I FOUND IT. THIS. IS. AUSTRALIAN. CHESSE. It tasted like home!

Sister J. made AMAZING baklava for Easter! It was ohhhh sooooo tasty!

 Easter Basket from the Briones Family

Little Easter treat baggies we gave to our investigators with Candies that we related to Christ!

Easter treats!!

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