Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Officially 8 months out! 4/7/2014

Where did the last 8 months go??

Well, I have officially been a missionary for 8 months.. today! How weird is that?! I feel like its been about a week.. There is still sooooooooooo much I need to learn! Remember the morning I went into the MTC? We went to Kneaders, sometimes that feels like it wasn't that long ago. I remember skyping Thea and my sisters before I was set apart. And the last song I played on my uke was "We are as the army of Helaman" hahahhaha, I'm getting all sentimental... but it really doesn't feel like 8 months have past!
General Conference this weekend was incredible!! I felt a theme of stepping it up. A lot of them made it clear we need to know what we are standing for, and if necessary, stand alone. I also got the overwhelming feeling that we all need to love more. Love our Heavenly Father, Love the Saviour, and love each other. I will share a few of the beautiful apostolic commandments (advice from an apostle, is a commandment) that touched me before telling you about my miracle-filled week!

-Elder Rasband taught that in serving others, we grow in testimony, faith and love.
-Sister Reeves mentioned the only things that really need to be accomplished in the home is daily prayer and scripture study and weekly family home evening... I know how important that is since being out here!!
-LOVED Elder Bednar- "it was the load!"
-Bishop Stevenson's parallel to this life being our 4 minutes was awesome!
-Elder Christofferson bore powerful testimony of the Living Christ. (We are best friends, if you remember, so I gave him some of my notes..)

Amazing what potential we each have, huh?! :) There were sooooo many more to mention but it was all truly fantastic! what themes or messages touched your heart?

This week has disappeared (much like every week does out here).
BUT we did meet some wonderful people! Add them to your prayers!!
Aurora- we met her when we had one of the young men out with us last Sunday. She is SO sweet! We prayed with her and told her about living prophets. Since then we have gone back and we were going to teach her The Restoration, but before we started I asked her how she felt God's love before. She told us about her brother passing away from cancer last year and she asked where he was. She has been asking people(religions) this question for some time. We were able to teach her about the spirit world and testify of life after death. The spirit was so strong and it brought her peace to know that. She is excited to come to church next week because she has work off, and we are going to her house tonight for another lesson! I LOVE Gods plan of happiness for us :)

Monika- I have told you a bit about her before (Sis L. and I helped move her family a while back). It has been hard to meet with them, but we had a great lesson with her this week! First of all, everyone knows something for sure. So many people have different beliefs, but there is always(at least in every person I've met) a basic knowledge of some concept or principle in Jesus Christ's gospel. There is always something that someone will just KNOW. (I hope that made sense).. Anyway, we found out that Monika KNOWS that her family will be together after this life. She has never believed in 'until death do us part'. She knows that we are more that our mortal bodies, we are spirits, destined for greatness. We testified of the temple  and the spirit was beautiful!!

Phillip- our miracle!! We walked past his house because we didn't notice his parents outside until we were down the street, so we turned around and started talking to them/ Mary is the sweetest (she reminds me sooooooooooooooooooooo much of Nana!) she let us into her house to show us her painting of the last supper. She was so excited and she told us that when she is sad, she will look at that picture. Then her son, Phillip came out, with his daughter Heavenly (10 yrs). And he was glowing! Like he had the most beautiful vibe that I haven't seen from anyone before! He was really friendly and said we could come back for a message. Long story short, we've started teaching him and he is AWESOME! He cant wait to be baptized!! and he was really excited to get the Book of Mormon. :) He is our golden! 

Thats all for now! I cant think of much else.. although there have been many many miracles this week! The Lord has really blessed our work here, we went from 15 lessons last week, to 21 this week! :) I am sooooooo glad I get to be a small part in helping the work of salvation! I LOVE IT!
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

                                                      AHHHmazzing food at Christians this week..

           SUPER CREEPY turtle we met... do you know what kind this is?! its sooo icky!! hahaha

                                                                wheatgrass shots! it was terrible...

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