Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Still in Apollo Beach! :) 04/14/2014

Hey mum!!
Your date night sounded great! Sushi is sooooo good!!! I miss it!! We
were actually able to find a pretty good fish n chips place here in
Apollo Beach a few weeks ago! Add it to the list of places you need to
come to when we visit here again.
Your assumption was correct and I am staying in Apollo Beach for
another transfer!! That is half my mission for sure and hopefully it
will turn into a year!!!! ;D
Here is a little update on our investigators and a couple miracles this week:
Wade is currently not progressing towards baptism so there was no
baptism yesterday. We haven't been able to see Aurora or Monika for a while.

BUT! Phillip is our shining star!! We taught him a few times this week
and he is doing sooooooooo good! He is really excited for his baptism!
(We set the date for April 27th but since we are having the Ft.
Lauderdale temple dedication on May 4th in place of normal Sunday
meetings, that would mean he would have to wait 2 weeks before getting
the gift of the Holy Ghost and that would be soooooooo hard!!!!! So we
are trying to see if he can get baptized maybe the 23rd and this is a
really long parentheses.) We taught him The Plan of Salvation this
week and he loved it. It made a  lot of sense to him and he has been
reading The Book Of Mormon. He LOVES it! As he read 2 Nephi 2 (amazing
chapter. read it. study it. Love it.) he got his answer that the book
is true. He felt such an outpouring of the Spirit and he could not
deny it. He told us he has read it several more times just because he
loves the way he feels as he reads it. He has The Book Of Mormon app
and he even listened to the chapter and read along once! He was so
excited to set the date to be baptized. And his daughter,
Heavenly(10yrs) is excited too! He is going to let her decide if it is
something she wants, but you can really tell when she feels the spirit
because she gets so happy and has this wonderful light. We are
basically thrilled!!! They are awesome.

Next, I want to tell you about Chuck(27yrs). He is equally awesome and
legit. We were walking on Saturday and he biked passed us we both
kinda looked at each other like we didn't know who was going to stop,
but then he just turned around to talk to us and took out his
headphones. He really wants to change his life. We set up a time to
teach him this week(tomorrow actually) and we invited him to church.
He told us that he wouldn't have a way, so we promised we could get
him there and he got really excited. Our High Priest Group leader
picked him up and before sacrament started we sat with him and he was
asking us why he has had to go through so many hard things. We got out
a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and talked to about opposition in all
things. That gave him some peace and he started flicking through the
pamphlet. On the back of the pamphlet there is a line that says,
'prepare to be baptized on....' And he pointed to it and asked if he
could get baptized! NO JOKE. Before church even started!! It was
basically amazing! Everyone in the ward was sooooo friendly to
him(because Apollo Beach is awesome). The speakers were awesome, and
in Sunday School we talked about families being eternal and it was all
incredible! Chuck really loved it! He felt the spirit so strong! He
was so happy! And after church he called his mum and told her how
happy he was and that he was changing his life and that all he wanted
to do was learn the word of God and be a missionary, traveling and
teaching people how to follow Jesus Christ. NO JOKE. He is basically a
dream come true. He called us after church and was so excited to tell
us about how much he loved it all and he asked us about the Ft.
Lauderdale temple open house going on right now (the ward is taking a
trip there on Friday). He wanted to know what it was about and if he
could go. He also asked us again what he needs to do before he can get
baptized! Keep praying for him, because he is seriously

Ahhhhhh!!!! So many other awesome things happened! Christian and Tracy
went to the temple and got to be baptized for his mum!! Isn't that
Also, just FYI our elders are both getting transferred! So we don't
really know what's happening! But my address hasn't changed!
I don't know what else!
But I love you heaps!!!!!
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby
Companion Love

Pictures taken while at a 5K run last Saturday



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