Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools 3/31/2014

Your week sounded lovely!! Mine absolutely flew by!!! I don't even know where it went actually.. We are already on week 5 of this transfer and that, to me, is insane!!!

But this week has not been without its miracles!
I have barely cried, actually!!! Hahaha, and when I did, it was because of the outpouring of the Spirit that I felt! Particularly while watching the incredible General Women's Conference on Saturday night!!! As soon as the broadcast began Sister J. leaned over and said; "our mums are watching this right now too!" Well, that just got me!!!! I was overwhelmed because I felt so connected to you as they spoke of the love and beauty of the sisterhood that connects all the women in the world.
There were a lot of the same themes as last year, I thought. Namely, a focus on the covenant path we are all taking to return to our Father, and the love we should have for each other. It was incredible!!!! It was beautiful when the young girls sang "teach me to walk in the light"! What a sweet reminder in such simple words of our mission in this mortal existence. I loved it as well when as a worldwide sisterhood we were able to raise our voices to witness that we are God's children! Ahhh!! It basically got me super excited for General Conference! And I don't want to wait a whole week! Hahaha

On to other news! We had a really great week! We were able to find so many new potentials by talking to everyone!!! We also had one of the young men meet us at a lesson (we were going to teach a family that he knew), but they weren't home so he came street contacting with us for a few hours! And this kid has such an awesome testimony! He is waiting on his mission call, and he has such a strong spirit when he invites! It was such a blessing to have him with us, we were able to teach a few lessons and schedule countless appointments! Members make such a big difference in this work! You have NO IDEA! 

On that note, we have an awesome new thing we are doing this month in our ward. It is called: Feed His Sheep! (Based off of Matthew 18:12-14) So basically, for the month of April our ward goal is to give 750 invites! An invite can be so many things, not just to church or to meet the missionaries, but essentially to feel the Spirit, ie; dinner in your home, Family Home Evening, ward activity, a Family Proclamation, and so many other things!!! And it counts for any of those and more! So for the month of April, Apollo Beach ward is going to be full of extra miracles and amazing stories! We are so excited for the ward to feel the power that comes when we do our part and invite! The Lords work, is missionary work! :)

And with that as a good thought, here is my not so subtle segway!..
Thursday we had a surprise mission conference for all the sisters. And there were some crazy developments... Our mission, along with 13 others worldwide has been chosen to try something new!!! (Story of our lives haha) Starting this week, all the sisters in our mission will have the choice to stay out for 24 months.
They are giving us the next month to fast and pray and decide, with our families if we will take this opportunity! So what I want is your honest opinion. How would you feel if I stayed out until August next year? I haven't made any decisions, but the thing that I keep thinking is that I was called here, to this mission for a reason, right? And maybe it was because I need to be here longer. But I don't know!! Tell me how you would feel! And dad's opinion too. This will be my question for conference, obviously! I just want to do what's right. They made a point of telling us this isn't something the sisters should feel obligated to do, it is just an option. So, yeah that's kind of the big thing.. :)

Other than that this week has disappeared! I have an awesome tan line on my feet now, I'll send a picture!

I love you a lot!! 
See you in a week,
Sister Ormsby

PS! I forgot to tell you about this week! Sister Jenkins and I are going on a Car Fast! We are praying for and fasting for the part-member families in our ward. It is going to be so crazy hard, because we live out of our area.. But we are going on faith :) and I know that The Lord will bless the hearts of those people we need to teach! I am super nervous and excited to see what will come from this! :D

PPS! That part about sisters staying out was an early April fools! I love you :)
GOT YA!!!!! :)

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