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The Most Amazing Week... 3 baptisms! 4/28/2014

Most amazing week of MA LYF!!
We had a miracle this week because of obedience! Saturday was our biking day and we usually have to leave our area around 7:30 to get home by 9pm. Well, we got to talk to so many people that it was already past 7:30 when we realized we needed to head up to our apartment. But thank goodness for Sister J. If we pass someone without talking to them, she is racked with eternal torment. Even though we were running late, we stopped and talked to 2 men, we were able to answer some of their questions and give them pamphlets, it took a while but then we started for home. And we passed 3 Spanish men outside the laundry mat. We turned around and in our broken and simple Spanish, testified of Jesus Christ and invited them to church. They were really interested and will be in contact with the Spanish Missionaries. When we finally left to go, it was 8:30. We called the district leader to let him know we would be home late and finally left. And holy cow!! We got home at 9:15. A bike ride that always takes us 90 minutes took 45. And from my own personal strength I know that would not have been possible! Heavenly Father warped time and angels were pushing on my pedals to get us home on time. We really wanted to be obedient and get home on time.. and we really wanted to be obedient and talk to everyone. He blessed us for those desires and gave us a miracle!

EVERYONE IS PREPARED! We prayed so hard for our investigator Phillip's daughter, Heavenly, to be baptized the same time as her dad.. on Sunday. And her heart was touched by the Spirit! The Lord helped us do everything in time and it was a beautiful day! It is the most fulfilling joy I have ever felt to see families follow Christ together! I am thankful everyday that I get to share the importance and the sweet happiness that comes from baptism!! I have such a strong testimony of the redeeming power of baptism. Because of Christ, we don't need to stew in our sins, we can start new. Yesterday I was able to witness 3 of God's beloved children start new. I was able to start new with the sacrament. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!

I can't stop thanking my Father in Heaven for this miracle and for the blessing it is to see! Phillip and Heavenly got baptized on Sunday!!  So, we were already planning on Phillip getting baptized on Sunday, but his 10 yr old daughter hadn't committed yet.  We knew that she needed to and had in a couple of weeks.  She decided the day before!
We had a lesson planned where we were going to get Phillip a baptismal suit, walk through the baptismal service, and then share about the why of baptism and the simple qualifications.  We started sizing Phillip for his suit and then all of a sudden Christian just casually mentioned that Heavenly was getting baptized the next day as well.  I was basically like, "WHAT?!!" :D
So we sized her up as well, walked through the service, and taught her A LOT in about an hour.  Our District Leader was able to make it down for an interview.  It was such an amazing miracle.
We knew they both needed to be baptized together on Sunday.  We had the faith that Heavenly Father would make it happen, we just weren't sure how.  They were baptized together and they were so happy!  Phillip said he felt "fantastic!"  Heavenly was beaming. They love each other so much and are so excited to work towards an eternal family.

Alexa was our third baptism!! Thursday night we got a call from Yolanda (her mum), she is a recent convert and hasnt been to church in a while.. but she wanted her daughter baptized on Sunday! We went over the next day and taught her all the lessons! It was crazy!! people are just handing it to us now! :)

See you in a week,
love this work!

Sister Ormsby

Golfing Fun!

There was a squirrel on our bike rack!  I was so excited!

This picture is a little blurry... but there was this GIANT Bird of Paradise!

We had an ironing competition at district meeting and 
I beat Elder H(our zone leader)..it was awesome

Got your Easter package! THANK YOU!!

This bunny is the best!

This is Victoria and Lynn's father's birthday party.  Walter turned 98!!!!!!!

 Christian with Phillip and Heavenly

 Phillip and Heavenly, they were so happy!

 Sister J. and I with Phillip and Heavenly

Alexa and us!

Giant Brownie!  :)

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